Harley Qwednesday :: Cyber Goth Harley Quinn Cosplay

Today's Harley Qwednesday features the incredibly beautiful Ava Thorn aka MMxVampire in her Cyber Goth Harley Quinn cosplay.

Take it away Ava:

"This is my cyber goth Harley Quinn design. It was made to be worn at a convention while I was also cosplaying Harley Quinn from Arkham city."

"I wanted to dedicate that convention to Harley cosplaying. I made this design to wear to the rave at the convention. I also wear it to a goth club I like to dance at."

"I first planned out by sketching and doodling. Putting all of this together did not take too long, but it was mainly because I had a deadline for a convention."

"If I was to take a guess at how much money I put into everything, (including the $150 platform boots) I would say I spent around $470 for everything you see in the photos."

"That is a lot of money, I know. But some people may not fully understand how much money and devoted time cosplayers will put into their work to bring something to life. I am one of them, I tend to want to go overboard sometimes just to make a thought, a dream, a design, become a reality."

"I wanted the designs I drew to be real, I wanted to be the drawing I did. I tried really hard to achieve that with the skills I possess as well as having to spend some money."

"I actually felt (as an artist) that the outfit was not fully complete, and that I would like to change around some things, and add some extra flare. But many people seem to like what I had/have to show. 

Thank you all for admiring the cyber goth Harley Quinn design! More to come in the near future. Keep a watch on my deviant art gallery! :)"

Oh we will!

And here are Ms. Thorn's original art pieces that inspired her costume design:

I'd LOVE to see all of these gals come to life!

Thanks for sharing, Ava!

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Pics by Insane-Pencil