PJ Masks Action Figures :: UPDATE: More toys available NOW!

Because night time is the right time to shop for toyyyys!

I made a solo run to Toys R Us to walk around and clear my head tonight, and was lucky enough to stumble on the newly released PJ Masks action figures! My intern has loved the PJ Masks ever since she discovered the cartoon what seems like forever ago. Unlike most media these days, there was no toyline to support the show when it came out, and it's taken until now to get them on the shelves. Thankfully I found all three heroes, Gekko,  Owlette, and my intern's favorite Catboy, along with Luna Girl, Romeo, and Night Ninja (gotta love that each hero is paired with a villain!)

I picked up each two-figure set, priced at $8.99 at Toys R Us, and will present them to my intern on her birthday next month. There was only one more of each on the shelves, so I can only assume they are equally distributed and none of the three are shortpacked.

UPDATE: On a return trip to Toys R Us Saturday 9/24/16 I found even more PJ Masks action figure goodness:

Figure and vehicle sets: Each main hero character (Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko) with their themed vehicles. Watchmen fans may want to give Owlette's vehicle a look to see if it's an easy custom into Nite Owl's Owlship.

PJ Masks figurine set. Un-articulated figures, but you get the whole heroic trio and two villains in one go,

Light-up action figures. The heroic trio in the same scale as previous action figure offerings, but they LIGHT-UP! Woohoo, I guess. At least you can get each main character in a single shot if your kid isn't a big fan of the villains in the two packs.

Personally I think the best bet are the hero/villain two-pack sets, since that appears to be the only way to get the villain action figures, however if you want one or all vehicles you're going to end up with an extra hero. Oh well, whatyagonnado?


  1. My son has been pestering me to get thses figures and i do admit that they really look cool!