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Lego Black Canary Custom Minifigure

Here is the newest addition to my Lego custom DC Superhero ranks: Black Canary!

Black Canary is made up of the head of Lois Lane (from one of the recent Man of Steel sets), the hair from a blind-bagged mermaid from a couple series back, the torso of Western Wyldstyle from the most recent Lego Movie themed blind-bag series, and some random legs I had lying around (most likely from an old knight themed set.)

Black Canary is a true hodge-podge of parts, but I think she turned out pretty slick! It can be tough coming up with these customs for DC Comics characters, since Lego gives the official ones a Caucasian skin tone, yet most Lego minifigures are yellow skinned. But I'm trying to maintain consistency at least with this bunch, so Lois had to be sacrificed. She was a boring Lois anyways. As for Wyldstyle's torso...well there is some yellow...cleavage...?...but that could just be part of Canary's bustier or something. Regardless, it works for this character so I'm happy with it!

Finally, I gave her the motorcycle that came with the Vampire Hearse set so she can get over to the Lex Luthor melee post haste!

By the way, I saw the Lego Movie with my kids today and thoroughly enjoyed it! They loved it too. I highly recommend you go check it out.


Poisunday Ivy :: Ivy doing what Ivy does best...

...killing men and being pursued by a member of the Bat family!

Cover art from Birds of Prey #6.


Poisonday Ivy :: Birds of Prey

At first I didn't like the new costume design for Poison Ivy in the DCnU (specifically in Birds of Prey.) It's almost too vague and general and I wasn't even sure if it actually was Poison Ivy when I first saw the pictures. But the more I look at it the more it (no pun intended) grows on me. I like the camouflage aspects of the design, and the black of the full body suit creates a nice contrast to the leaves.


Another two for my few DCnU's 'New 52' Review

As I stated in my first round of DC's New 52 reviews, there was one final #1 that I had yet to purchase and read - Justice League Dark. While buying it I bought another #1, so sans further ado here are my thoughts:

Justice League Dark:  
Why did I want to read it?
Because it sounds like a neat team/theme - magic, the occult etc - And Zatanna.

Does it succeed?
I liked it a lot. Nice mysterious beginning, crazy magic madness, and an off-the-wall group of 'superheroes' to follow along with.

Favorite Moment:
Zatanna binding Batman so she can go it alone.

Will I keep buying and reading?

Most curious about...
Shade the Changing Man. I read some of the nineties 'Shade' series but have little knowledge of this guy, so it's neat to meet someone 'new' to me in a DC comic.

Bonus: Read Siskoid's Blog of Geekery's post about the imagery of the Tarot in Justice League Dark. He gives some neat insight on the cards used by Madam Xanadu and the characters represented on each of them.

Birds of Prey: 
Why did I want to read it?
I didn't. But I took my daughter with me to the comicbook store and she handed it to me as I was heading to the register.

Does it succeed?
It was good. The art is great. Black Canary's costume is updated nicely from her classic look. And it wasn't too oversexed or violent for my daughter, so that's cool.

Favorite Moment:
The forties era car they drive through a church made me feel like I was watching an episode of Batman: Animated. That's always nice.

Will I keep buying and reading?
Maybe, especially if my daughter asks me to.

Most curious about...
Well, my daughter is most curious about Poison Ivy being a part of this team (is that Ivy on the cover? She doesn't appear in the first issue) so I guess there's that.

And that covers my New 52 reviews. Maybe I'll keep on going with this theme and report on my thoughts as each series progresses... and maybe not. I'm fickle.

Until next time - see you in the funny papers!