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The Batman Mr. Freeze :: Coolsville, Daddy-O

Inspired by Colin's recent The Batman acquisitions over at the Super-Duper Toy Box, I recently dug out one of the finest of the series from my own collection, Mr. Freeze.

Yup, I had never opened my Mr. Freeze until today! You could say he was in cold storage. Hahahahaha!

Sadly when I did open him, his freezing action sword (basically just a tube full of freezing goo that holds the cold) is now nothing more than a tube of sticky goo that does nothing. Oh well. A cute gimmick for the kiddies but I can live without it.

Here's the cardback, showing off the awesome Bat-Bot that you couldn't even get in the US (to my knowledge.) I hate it when the toy companies do that. It's enough to make me (ice) scream. Hahahahaha!

I really love this Freeze character design. I like how in the cartoon his body is skinny and frail but the containment suit gives him his girth. That is sort of represented on the figure with the clear upper arms, although since there is no skinny arm inside them a little bit of the effect is lost in translation. That's my only gripe, and not nearly enough to cause me a winter of discontent. Hahahahahaa!

I especially love how Freeze's 'helmet' is ice that has 'grown' out of the suit and encompassed his head. A very clever and fun design element!

There was a variant for this figure with 'features,' while this common figure had a featureless face (more in tune with the toon.) I had both at one time, but sold off the variant due to my preference for the more cartoon accurate version and I don't regret it at all. The other version just left me cold. Hahahaha!

And here are a few of Mr. Freeze's 'The Batman' compatriots who wanted in on the fun. Firefly, Clayface and The Ventriloquist with Scarface. I think the only other 'The Batman' villain I own is Joker, but you'll just have to wait to see him some other day.

That's right, you just need to chill!



Pretty Pretty Princess Scarface

Scarface is ready for Halloween.


Master of Puppets

I previously posted about the Ventriloquist/Scarface action figure from the most recent Batman cartoon, titled simply "The Batman."

Today I am covering their plastic incarnation from Batman: The Animated Series, as released in the Puppets of Crime box set from 2002. This also happens to be the first figure(s) of the character(s) ever made.

First let's look at Arnold Wesker, the Ventriloquist, sans Scarface.

Unlike the figure from The Batman, this Scarface is removable from the Ventriloquist's arms. Arnold Wesker is sculpted with priority going to the ability to hold Scarface and stand at the same time, which makes him look a little goofy alone. It also doesn't work all that well, as no matter what you do, he's bound to tip over with Scarface in his hands. Articulation is limited to shoulders, waist swivel, and neck swivel.

They probably would have been better off sculpting them as a single unit, but kudos to the design team for trying something different.

Arnold does sport an excellent facial sculpt. He appears to be talking out the side of his mouth, which is reflective of his poor ventriloquistic abilities in the comics (if not in the cartoons.)

Scarface has no articulation and a tommy gun molded into his hand, but he fits into Wesker's arms nicely.
I would have preferred a more wooden tone to Scarface's skin, but otherwise he's a nice sculpt, if not entirely accurate to any of his cartoon designs.

He does have quite a scar as well. There's also a little slot in his back where Wesker's hand actually slips into. That's a pretty nifty touch as well.

Also included in the set, besides the repainted Nightwing and Bruce to Batman figures, is a repainted Killer Croc.

I never really liked this animated design, the way his jaw connected and left him no lips or cheeks always bothered me. He was originally grey, and that seemed kind of stupid as well for a character who is supposed to be reminiscent of a crocodile. Later they redesigned his character for the cartoon, making him look better (IMO) as well as green. I guess they figured if they just recolored the old sculpt no one would notice.

He's not a bad figure though, and he's pretty accurate to his cartoon look sculptwise. His right arm moves up and down like normal action figure arms, but also has a pull -back punch feature which adds to his playability.

He also came with a small pet alligator, whom he will hug and squeeze and call George.

Like I said, I was never a fan of this design for Killer Croc...never, that is, until this guy:

The second Killer Croc to be released as part of Mattel's 6" Batman line, this figure is surprisingly a re-paint of an earlier, far more crocodilian figure, with a new head sculpt and more detailed paint applications.

Based on his animated appearance, but with a more "realistic" or comic book design, THIS is what Killer Croc oughta look like! I'll post more about him soon, along with a comparison against the first Killer Croc from the same 6" Batman lineup.



Say 'Ello to My Littol Fren'

Another awesome (set of) villain action figure(s) from The Batman is (are) The Ventriloquist and Scarface!

There actually was a version of this figure released in the Batman: The Animated Series style, but it was in a four pack very late in the game, long after the cartoon's run had ended (to be reviewed later.)

So it was a little surprising to see good old Arnold Wesker released in The Batman series' relatively short run.

He was released in a three pack, with Clayface and Batman. There was also apparently a chase figure with some other muppety looking puppet. I don't know that puppet's story, or if he had any significance in the cartoon, and since I don't have him anyways this is all about Scarface!

Although Scarface is traditionally a gangster of the Al Capone mold, The Batman twisted the concept in a VERY cool manner. The Batman's Scarface has been designed after Al Pacino's famous film role, complete with leisure suit, sandals, and gold medallion. Since Pacino's Scarface was a "modern" retelling of the Capone story, it's fitting that The Batman took this design twist on the villain in order to separate it from Batman: TAS, or any other take on the character for that matter.

Wesker still remains a sheepish, non-descript nobody. A nice contrast of personalities, even if they share the same brain.

The only real "bad" thing about this series as a whole is the scale - it tends to be all over the place. A few of the figures are just too big compared to Batman, who one would assume is the standard for the line. Robin was huge, Poison Ivy was a smidge too big, and Ventriloquist is a little large as well. Oh well, he actually fits pretty nicely with the DCUC figures, so I'll adjust ;)

Articulation is extremely limited as you can see. But then, Ventriloquist is a coward and Scarface is an inanimate puppet, so what'dya expect?

Wesker's elbow does bend on his Scarface arm, so he can adjust the angle to allow the boss to yell at his goons. What more does one need?

One component of the comics that was never translated to the cartoons was that The Ventriloquist is a mediocre ventriloquist. He never could get the "B" sound out, as that would required moving his lips. So whenever Scarface was talking he'd say something like "Glock 'da doors ya' gastards! The Gatman is gound to arrive any minute!"

How he got the "M" sounds out is beyond me.

I've always liked the character of Scarface/The Ventriloquist. (Ironically, I'm no fan of Jeff Dunham.) I'd love to see the character(s) in some capacity in the next Batman film, if only as a minor mob boss in a scene or two. I don't know if he (they) could carry a whole movie on his (their) own, but he (they) does (do) fit into the "realism" that the current films have created.