Legoland Endor

Another awesome Legoland mini-land Star Wars display (possibly the best of them all) was the forest moon of Endor:

This Imperial Shuttle and landing pad were HUGE! It was all I could do to prevent myself from jumping over the guardrail and playing with these things.

Vader greeting Admiral somebody.

With the push of a button one of the speeder bikes would whoosh around the base of a tree and those logs on the sides would swing out and 'smash' back into the Imperial walker. The motions of these displays reminded me a lot of old-school mall Christmas displays. Simple and slow but tons of fun to look at.

The Ewoks and their huts and walkways were built up in the trees!

Uh oh, looks like we're in trouble R2...wait, Chewbacca, is that you?

Here's a closer look at C3-PO and R2-D2; I'd love to build these guys at home, I'm sure I can come up with enough pieces...although they won't be the right colors.

Another MASSIVE component to this Return of the Jedi scene was the shield generator dish. This thing had to have been ten feet tall at least.

The Legoland Star Wars displays reminded me so much of what it was like to play with Star Wars toys outside when I was a kid. After looking at them all I just wanted to go grab some action figures and find a field or back yard to play in!


  1. This is almost too much awesomeness to look at all at once.

  2. Crazy cool Bubba and do they leave those sets out all the time?

  3. jboy, yes they are outside and apparently subject to all the elements - the Star Wars stuff was pretty much brand new but some of the older displays (ie New Orleans and Las Vegas) looked a little weathered.

  4. I was wondering about that Bubba thanks for the info and am surprised they don't cover all these displays up.

  5. I want to be Admiral Somebody!!!