Wolfman Leonardo :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

AROOOOOOOOOO! Werewolves of...the New York sewer system!

This is Wolfman Leonardo, part of the first TMNT/Universal Monsters Mash-up series (there were two series, for those of you keeping score) that we'll be looking at all this week! I have all of Series one and one from Series two to share with you, five figures in all. SPOOKY!

Wolfman Leo is my second favorite from series one. I like the fact that, as ridiculous as these figures are, this could actually happen - Leonardo could be changed into a werewolf just like anybody else, right? So this figure fits just fine into normal Turtle continuity in my eyes.

I received all these figures in a trade with jboy of Revenge From the Cosmic Ark, and I believe they are all complete. Wolfman Leo comes with some sort of dog headed bone stick (a chew toy maybe?), a bone handled sword, a trap and a gun - I really like the fact that not only do these figures come with themed weapons based on their monsterous appearance, but they also come with weapons to defeat them (one hopes the gun is loaded with silver bullets!)

Another thing that makes these toys tops is that they have glow-in-the-dark paint apps! Wolfturtle has a glow-in-the-dark shirt and claws/teeth/eyes. GROWL, daddy-o!

Tune in for more Universal Monsters/TMNT all this week...unless you are too scared!

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