Cycle of the Werewolf :: Countdown to Halloween 2013

Last year during Countdown to Halloween 2012 I was able to present the Stephen King/Bernie Wrightson Creepshow graphic novel. This year I present another King/Wrightson collaboration: Cycle of the Werewolf:

Cycle of the Werewolf is a short novella with a handful of amazing illustrations. Originally published in 1983, this Signet copy was printed in 1985. And even though it is a larger sized trade paperback, it is indeed a paperback, so Goodwill only charged me a dollar for it.

One of these pictures alone is worth that dollar! And there are twelve full color illustrations, not to mention the black and white ones that bumper each 'month' or chapter.

Cycle of the Werewolf is a quick but wonderfully Halloweeny fun read. Taking place over the course of a year, it chronicles one werewolf's attacks on a small town each time the full moon appears. And the illustrations by Bernie Wrightson are absolute eye candy! I have no idea if it is still in print, but if you can find it, I recommend it!


  1. Jealous.

    I keep hoping a copy of this will magically appear at my local thrift shop. I always find tons of Stephen King's works, but never this particular novella.

  2. That's where I found mine!!! We're Found-Cycle-of-the-Werewolf-at-Goodwill buddies!!! I think I may have paid 1.99 for mine though. Can't remember.

    AAAAaaaand a certain talking alien (and a little green eye-patched guy) showed up at my house just yesterday, so now I've really got to get on the ball about finding a good trade!