BrickWarriors Warrior Pack Wave 1 (and Jester Collection Too!)

What's this? Another series of blind bagged minifigures? No sir, this is a set of bagged (not blind) minifigure accessories by BrickWarriors!

BrickWarriors Warrior Pack Wave 1 Premium Minifigure Accessories. What a genius idea! It seems so obvious - with as popular as blind bagged Lego Minifigures are, it's surprising Lego themselves did not come up with the concept of minifigure accessory packs. But they haven't.

Fortunately BrickWarriors did!

Also, these aren't blind - each pack has a clear window on back, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Inside my Warrior Pack is an Ogre club, a mohawk, a loin cloth, Goblin shield, tribal drum, and the best part - the Ogre armor (more on that one later.)

All of these pieces can be purchased individually on BrickWarriors.com, (as can the Warrior Packs), and right now the Warrior Packs are also showing up at Five Below stores, if you are lucky enough to live near one of those.

There are a lot of different pieces you can find in these Warrior Packs, from Western to Sci-Fi, so you'll probably want to buy a few.

Also available on BrickWarriors.com are many other custom pieces for all sorts of minifigure fun...with one theme in particular that really got my goat going:

Holy macaroni! Check out all this epic Jester stuff! The perfect accessory batch for my favorite Harley Quinn minifigure!

Aw yeah Jester Staff! Harley loves it!

And get a load of this 'Death in the Box.' The bladed jester on a spring can be removed...

...and the lid pops on to become a simple innocent gift, until...


The blade on top is a brilliant design touch. This thing would have been plenty cool as a simple jack in the box, but making it deadly really adds to it's awesomeness and makes this thing the perfect Harley Quinn accessory.

'Hey Harl, check out my new hat. Like it?'

'I love it, Chester. Now HAND IT OVER!'

In addition to the red collar being modeled by Chester the Jester above, I also got Harley a new hat. You can choose a couple different colors to create the alternating dangle look, but of course Harley needs red and black. This new little hat is the perfect alternative Harley hat for those days when two dangles just won't do.

Finally, Harley has a...juggling pin? What's so exciting about a juggling pin?


The juggling pin hides a removable knife! Another genius design!

Finally, here's that Ogre armor I mentioned earlier, which can be used to make a two-headed Lego minifigure. The possibilities with this thing are endless, and I wish I had gotten a handful of them.

I love this stuff! The concept of bagged minifigure accessories is an idea that should have come to fruition years ago. I know a few folks have been making and selling Lego minifigure accessories online for a while now, but the fact that BrickWarriors has been able to get their Warrior Packs into a retail establishment is just wonderful and a great sign for the future of this hobby.

Be sure to check out BrickWarriors.com to see all the cool custom accessories, and if you can find a Five Below store, look for Warrior Packs there too!


  1. These are insanely cool. I'm really goingto check these out,especially the Harley Quinn accessories!

  2. Thanks for the awesome review! We're glad you liked everything :)

  3. Saw these at my Five Below and thought these were a awesome ideal.

  4. I like that they offer a variety of colors on the site.

  5. I'm a bit of a LEGO purist, but these accessories are starting to win me over. They're pretty cool, especially the ogre armor! I may have to get me some.