'Toys I Am Hunting For' Page

Do you have something for trade or sale on my 'wants' list? Hit me up! I can be reached at bubbashelby@gmail.com

I don't have a specific 'Trade' list, but if you see something on my site you want, or have your own needs, let me know and we'll see if we can work something out 

Holy Grail(s):
Mattel World's Greatest Monsters Rodan 

Calvin Ellis Superman

Batman: The Brave and The Bold:
Pop Gun The Joker

Crystar by Remco:
Crystar (complete with helmet, sword and shield)
Warbow (compete with crossbow and arrow sash)

Original TMNT:
Sumo Raphael
Sumo Michaelangelo
Creature from the Black Lagoon Leonardo
Hot Spot

2004 TMNT parts/accessories:
Toddler Leonardo training Katana
Toddler Raphael training Sai


  1. Doctor Who Micro-Figures (50th Anniversary Set) to swap:
    I have #1(William Hartnell), #3 (John Pertwee), 2x#4 (Tom Baker), #6 (Colin Baker) and #10 (Christopher Eccleston)

    I need #5, #7 and #10.

    1. I still haven't picked up any of these, but if I end up getting any extras I'll let you know.

  2. It's cool that you are into Playmobil. I might be able to help with those items. I could probably trade a lot of Playmobil if you have any Superhero Squad, Action League, or Toy Story Buddy figures. I've put together a list (with pictures) of toys I am looking here:

    1. I'll see what I have on your 'wants' list!

    2. Looked at your site - I have that Super Hero Squad Wasp figure if you want to trade

  3. Hi,
    Just recently discovered your blog while I was researching Catwoman Lego minifigures, long story. Anyway, I don't know if this would float your boat but I have a die cast metal Batcycle from The New Batman Adventures line that Kenner/Hasbro put out in the late 90s, if you're interested. I thought it was some kind of Tron cycle when I bought it. (I'm into some obscure Disney collectibles.) The paint on the Batcycle is chipped in places and the Batgirl figure it would've originally come with is missing, but from what I've been able to learn online these things are hard to find. Let me know if you have any interest.
    Signed, Treesa

    1. Thanks for the offer, but I already have that one so I don't need another :)

    2. No problem.
      Signed, Treesa