Fisher-Price Little People Sesame Street SCORE!

I scored so incredibly big time last weekend at the flea market, coming home with all the Sesame Street Fisher-Price Little People stuff you see here for ten bucks!

I've long wanted not only this playset (having never owned it as a kid...I had the non-canon Sesame Street clubhouse which I only learned in adulthood was a repainted western saloon which makes waaay more sense!) but also hard to find characters like Snuffleupagus and Herry Monster. I love  Fisher-Price Little People but I reeeallyy loooove Fisher-Price Little People Sesame Street characters. They're so wonderfully toyetic and charming.

In getting this deal I scored better than I ever could have dreamed. Not only are Herry and Snuffy in mint condition, but I got two Cookie Monster figures, two Big Bird figures, two each of Bert and Ernie, Susan, Gordon (one is a bit beat up sadly), Oscar the Grouch, Roosevelt Franklin, and passable but play worn examples of Prairie Dawn, Grover, and Sherlock Hemlock.

Not to mention a lot of accessories including key pieces like the light post, Big Bird's nest, and Bert and Ernie's beds!

Roosevelt is in pretty good shape, Prairie's paint is pretty faded.

Two different Cookie Monster variations. Right is more aqua in color, and his eyes are part of the molded whole and painted, whereas left Cookie's eyes are a separately attached piece. Anyone know anything about Cookie Monster Little People variants?

I still can't believe my luck in getting not only this set but so many great characters and accessories too, and all for so cheap!