I Am The Knight Rider!

Premiering tonight on NBC is an all new Knight Rider television series. KITT is now a Mustang and has all sorts of fancy transforming features. The TV movie a couple months ago was okay, good enough for me to want to tune in tonight, but the original Trans Am KITT voiced by William Daniels will always hold a special spot in my heart.

As a kid I once saw KITT in person at a car show. I even got to sit in the driver's seat. The Polaroid is somewhere at my parent's house, and someday I'll dig it up and post it here. I also shook hands with Twiki from Buck Rogers, but sadly did not get a picture of that life altering event.

Anyways this KITT here is appx 1:64 and was released by Kenner in 1982. I had this one as a kid, although this is not my original. This one was given to me recently by a friend in trade for some art.

The set I had as a kid came with a launcher and a semi truck and trailer. You could launch KITT through the trailer and it would "smash" through. I don't remember KITT actually doing that on the show, but I do remember the cops trying it in the Blues Brothers.

"Right away, Michael."

I don't know why they added "Knight 2000" to the side. It would be more accurate to have nothing there (per the show) or at least accurate to the concept to say "Knight Industries 2000" or of course "KITT."
Here's hoping the new show is a success, and maybe we can get some more KITT merchandise old and new. I've always wanted a KARR toy too, I wonder if there will be a new Mustang KARR? that'd be groovy.


  1. i never liked the red labelling they insisted on putting on every KITT car in existence. I won't be surprised if the TV show is a success especially since I hear they trumped it up a bit. I enjoyed the TV movie a few months ago also. I have the burning key car from when I was a kid..where you put a key in the back of the car and it goes by itself.

  2. Jay, you should post pics of that burning key KITT - I'd love to see it!