...I want to reach out and grab ya!

This alluring illusionist is Zatanna Zatara from the JLU action figure line representing her Justice League Unlimited animated look.

Zatanna is a magician who can cast magical spells by speaking in reverse. Her father was Giovanni Zatara - the magician who trained a young Bruce Wayne in the magical arts!

This figure is the single carded release of Zatanna. I think her leggings were different (fishnet) if you got her in the three pack release.

The carded release of Zatanna also came with a magic wand, but she can't really hold it very well.

Zatanna has a pretty simple but unmistakable and classic design, and I much prefer this classic magician looking costume over the more super-heroish look she had in the eighties.

Zatanna was a must have figure for me even though I'm only a casual collector of JLU because the character is so cool and fun. I hope she ends up in the DC Universe Classics and DC Infinite Heroes lines really soon!

"Ouy lliw evael a tnemmoc gnillet enoyreve tuoba rouy evol rof ciffiryot!"


  1. I wasn't going to leave a comment, but I just can't stop myself from telling everyone how much I love Toyriffic.


  2. I love toyriffic, huh that's odd, I wasn't going to leave a comment either...

  3. Wow thanks guys - it's always nice to receive such glowing, unsolicited praise!

  4. I have three Zatanna figures. A classic Gardner Fox one, an Identity Crisis one and the JLU Animated one. Of them all, I like the JLU Animated one the best. The other two seem so off to me. The GF one her head it too big for the rest of her body and the IC one it's too small (or her breasts are too large. She is Zantanna, not Power Girl).

    The JLU one is just a better likeness in my opinion.

    Love the blog, keep up the great work!