I just discovered Pomplamoose and they are the absolute awesomostest! Not only are they a pure joy to listen to, but their videos are compelling viewing, capturing the exuberance of Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte as they create some truly beautiful tunes. And yes Nataly Dawn may very well be the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on.

And holy hell they can even make a Beyonce song sound good!

Check out more on Pomplamoose's YouTube page and their website or else you will make Nataly sad.

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  1. Ha! At first in the top picture I thought that was Dano at 3-D Monster in the background, LOL. Dan if you are reading this sorry man...

  2. they're pretty nice, quite suprise actually

  3. Yeah, i saw the Hyundai commercial they did for the first time today and I agree, Nataly Dawn IS the cutest girl ever. Those eyes, those lips, that smile... PLUS she has a great voice. I'm a fan.