Catwoman Purrrsday :: Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Action Figure

This 'Battle for Gotham City' action figure set is already hitting Target shelves (thanks for the heads up, Batcave Toyroom!) and, not surprisingly, eBay.

While I was planning on passing on these 4" Dark Knight Rises toys, I simply MUST have that Anne Hathaway Catwoman in this scale!

I can only assume that in true Mattel and Target exclusive fashion she's only available in this set (time will tell I suppose.) I'll keep y'all posted if/when I find one!


  1. I've seen this at my Target. It was $21.99 here, so probably a buck or two less at other Targets.

  2. I have to think they will release an individually packaged figure too. I'll definitely be picking that up too, if they do.

    1. I'll grab it however I see it; I don't have enough faith in Mattel to imagine it will be released as a single figure!