Invisible Mikey and Metaluna Raph :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

After reviewing all of Series 1 and one figure from Series 2, I just couldn't let 2012's Countdown to Halloween end without picking up more of the Universal Monsters TMNT that I still needed. So I snagged Michaelangelo and Raphael for a really good deal on eBay, both mint on card (which didn't last!)

I now only need Leonardo as The Creature from the Black Lagoon to complete the collection! But on with what I do have:

I'm not generally concerned with 'complete' TMNT figures. They came with so many accessories and were an unabashed 'kids' line (as opposed to modern day 'collector' aimed toylines) so for the most part the only way to find them complete is to find them mint on card. That of course means they are a few to quite a few bucks more than a loose version, and most TMNT figures are easy to find loose and cheap.

But sometimes I have to break with tradition because an accessory is an absolute 'must' - integral to the character/version etc. In Invisible Man Michaelangelo's case, that accessory would be his bandaged face mask. Such a pivotal part of the Invisible Man characterization, a loose IM Mike without a mask would simply not have sufficed.


 "TAA-DAAAAAAA!!!! Now for my next trick, I'll eat a pizza in half."

But mask aside, IM Michaelangelo is pretty spectacular in that he actually has 'invisible' parts! A hand, a foot, and his whole head...
 - which sports a painted on bandana for extra invisible Turtle effect!

Series 2 lacks Series 1's 'glow-in'the-dark' gimmick, but Mikey's invisible bits more than make up for it.

And as per my silly 'realism within the genre' fetish, an Invisible Man Michaelangelo could actually be canon. Maybe Don created a potion for ninja stealth purposes and Mike drank it on accident and voila! Invisible Turtle!

IM Mike is definitely a high point in the Universal Monsters TMNT series', and in the whole TMNT line itself!

I also obtained Metaluna Mutant Raphael (or 'The Mutant Raphael' as the packaging depicts with no sense of irony) this time around. Raphael is my favorite Turtle, and even though I own everything from a Troll Raph to a Toddler Raph, Metaluna Mutant Raph is the wackiest Raph yet.

Still, this version of Raphael could be canon. Krang zaps Raphael with some sort of space ray and Bob's your uncle: Space Mutant Raph!

 Ok, maybe not, but that scenario is far more likely than a mummy Raph!

Although I thought I would like this one a lot, he comes across as sort of 'plain.' I suppose it's because Series 1 all have glowing bits and Mikey up there has neat invisible bits. I do like the hot pink weapons, very 'nineties' of course but fitting for such an oddball alien version of my fave Turtle.

So now all that's left is to track down a Black Lagoon Leo for a good price, which I'm confident will happen sooner or later. Until then...stay spooky, because Halloween is only four days away!


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    1. Hi Ellie,

      I can be reached at bubbashelby@gmail.com

  2. Invisi-Mike is way cool! I don't think I was lucky enough to snag any of Series 2 as a kid, but looking at these I sure wish I had. :)

  3. You'da thunk Donatello would've gotten the enlarged brain.

    1. True- not to mention Don would be the one experimenting with invisible potion too!