Despero :: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Another Brave and the Bold villain joins the ranks as Despero arrives at Toyriffic Headquarters!

Released in a two pack with a black/grey Batman and never appearing anywhere near me when at retail, this Despero finally comes to my collection via a trade with Retro Toy Safari. Thanks LeAnne!

He also originally came with a sword accessory, but he never wielded a sword in the cartoon that I recall, and a sword isn't a canon weapon for Despero, so I am fine with not having it. Especially since I never thought I'd gain a Brave and the Bold Despero to begin with!

Despero is a great figure - he's unique to the line in that he has a plastic cape, his belt is unique to him and not just painted on, and his three-eyed head sculpt is top notch and the perfect match to his appearance on the episode 'The Eye of Despero!'

My intern was a little unsure of this intergalactic despot at first...

...but he proved harmless in the end.

I also recently gained a new Brave and the Bold Batman! This one has a little play wear and no accessories, but I like the red trim. Not sure what version this Batman was originally marketed as. EDIT: He was part of the Cyber-Tank set that also included a Blue Beetle action figure - thanks Colin!

But he's a cool looking Brave and the Bold Batman, and that's all that matters to me!


  1. That Batman came with the Cyber-Tank, along with a Blue Beetle figure- very cool! Been on the lookout for that Despero! Love!

  2. Why does he have holes in his arms? Drug addict?

  3. Never knew this one existed until you told me about him Eric.

  4. Wow! Never seen this one before!
    We need it!!!