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Editor's Note: I am going to cheat a little and update this post as a League of Extraordinary Bloggers post, since the new assignment is 'Comic Books' and I just posted this a few days beforehand. So there!

I have already mentioned my recent score of Plastic Man Archives Volume 1 for the incredible price of $20. The used bookstore where I discovered it had all eight volumes, but at first I was content with just nabbing Volume 1 - a book I have wanted for years.

Well, yesterday I returned and nabbed Volume 2, also for the low low price of $20.

Part of the DC Archive Editions, Plastic Man Volume 1 came out in 1998 and Volume 2 in 2000. Neither has been reprinted or gone to paperback, so if you want to own a comprehensive look at the early adventures of Plastic Man, these are really your only option (short of finding the actual original comics themselves!)

Volume 1 re-prints Plastic Man's appearances in Police Comics #1-20 and Volume 2 re-prints his appearances in Plastic-Man #1 and Police Comics #21-30.

I love Plastic Man, and am fascinated by his creator Jack Cole, so each of these volumes is a gem in my collection.

Volume 1 contains the first ever appearance of Plastic Man (natch) as well as his partner in comedy Woozy Winks.

Volume 1 also contains this hilarious sequence where Plastic Man is captured by a gang of female mobsters; their plan? Mold Plas into the likeness of gangster Eel O'Brien, (his own alter ego, unbeknownst to the gang of girl no-goodnicks), force-feed him some 'reefers' and send him off on a mad rampage through the city in an attempt to frame him!

'Whee!! I'm a Killer!!' BAM! BAM! BAM!

Hahaha it just doesn't get any better than this!

I'm absolutely LOVING these early Plastic Man adventures. Having scored both volume 1 and 2 so much lower than they generally go for on the secondary market just makes them all the sweeter!

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  1. Plastic Man appears many times in Batman The Brave and the Bold. I like him, specially when he gets tangled with Elongated Man LOL!!

    1. I love all his Brave and the Bold appearances. Especially the episode with Baby Plas!

    2. I didn't watched that episode :(
      On the other hand, I like how Plastic Man contrasts Batman's seriousness :)
      (Whatever that means) LOL!!!! :D :D :D :D Just for those who become curious, "El Hombre que ríe" means "The Man Who Laughs". I love this story, it is mostly a horror story for me.