Star Trek Kre-O Blind Bag Minifigures and Codes!

In anticipation of Star Trek: Into Darkness, Hasbro via their Kre-O line has already released multiple building block sets - as well as a series of Blind Bagged minifigures!

I used the 'squeeze method' to find the two I needed: A Klingon and a Gorn (or is it just Gorn? Mr. Gorn perhaps? Maybe Ms. Gorn? I don't know.)

Gorn is pretty impressive. He has the 'Alien'  build that makes him a great extraterrestrial minifigure, as well as great custom fodder.

He also has a very cool weapon.

'Bring it on, Captain Jerk!'

Of course I also had to have the Klingon. He has that ubiquitous Klingon weapon that I don't feel like looking up right now, as well as a cool jacket.

He's apparently also wearing a helmet, which may be the new Star Trek's way of bridging the smooth headed Klingons of the original series with the lumpy headed Klingons of TNG.


Each package has a unique set of two numbers on the back upper right of the package, which leads with '30711' on all of them.

The Klingon was 30711 08 and Gorn was 30711 09. Or maybe it was the other way around, I got the packages mixed up when I opened them. Regardless, you will be able to tell because Gorn has those massive legs, and their weapons are unique too. So you might have to squeeze a little bit, but not too much ;)


  1. Too many cool mp mini figures and blind bags these days. I've had to start storing the away....but I haven't stopped buying!

  2. Neat to see the Gorn making a comeback. : )

  3. I checked these guys out at toys r us last night. Using your method I grabbed the whole first series with no dups and buy on get one! I need a mini figs ananomus stat!

  4. I like Kreo figures but it's not everyday that i can get out to my "not so" local Toys R Us store to pick any up.Wal Mart used to have Transformers Kreo,but that's about it.