Imaginext Mystery Figures Series 1 :: Luchador

The latest (quite surprising) addition to the 'blind bag' mystery figure craze is none other than Fisher-Price's Imaginext line!
I just heard about these last night from The Clawful Punch's John (aka Jboy) who sent me an email letting me know he spotted them. I had no idea this was happening, but when I got a gander at that Luchador on the packaging, I knew I had to have him!

As luck would have it, my local Target JUST re-stocked their Imaginext section (with a TON of surprising new DC Comics themed sets too...more on those later) and I used the tried and true squeeze method and found my Luchador!

This guy is tops! Muy muy bueno! He not only has all sculpted details on his mask, boots and even his tank top, but he comes with a removable cape AND a wrestling dummy too! Hours of fun in one small $2.99 package!

When John told me about these I quickly did an internet search for info - I was able to see this figure came with the cape and dummy, so those are the parts I squeezed for. No easy task, I squeezed every figure in the bunch and didn't find Luchador until second to last (isn't that always the way?!?!)

Not sure if he's short packed, but I only felt one Luchador in all the figures I squeezed. I'm glad I was able to find him, he's sure to be the fan favorite of the series regardless of how many are in each box.
There are ten Imaginext Mystery Figures in Series 1. Each figure comes with two accessory pieces themed to their figure and a checklist:

Deep Sea Diver, British Guard, Alien...

Racecar Driver, James Bond (I might have to go back for that one!), Luchador, Lumberjack...

Mummy, Robot, and Soccer Player.

Not sure if there is any sort of crackable code, but there are some numbers embossed at the top of the packaging, as well as some code numbers near the upc code.

Back top left corner: 18

EDIT: this does appear to be the code. Over at Action Figure Insider a collector bought them all and posted the codes for each figure:

14 - Royal Guard
15 - Deep sea Diver
16 - Alien 
17 - Racecar Driver
18 - Luchador
19 - James Bond
20 - Lumberjack
21 - The Mummy
22 - Soccer Player
23 - Robot

Of course, you can always squeeze for the figures you want. Feel for Luchador's cape and dummy, and you can also feel the lacing and wings on his shoes.

Oh, and about the new Imaginext DC figures: in addition to the Wonder Woman/Invisible Jet and Black Manta/Manta Submarine I posted about a few weeks ago, we were all blindsided by brand new figures of Gorilla Grodd, Darkseid, Green Arrow and Red Tornado all available in various new figure sets! See pics over at She's Fantastic since I have yet to buy any (although Green Arrow and Grodd were pretty darn hard to walk away from!)


  1. Wow, I really like him. The dummy accessory is really cool.

  2. Too awesome! Glad you got him Eric. : )

    1. Thanks again for the tip, John!

    2. No problem buddy now i will continue my search for that Robin for you. : )

  3. Sweet, these are great . . .

    wait! must. . . resist. . no more. . . . blind bagged . . .

    . . . . aww crap, who am I kidding, off to Target!

  4. Oh noooo, another blind bag minifig set!

    My Target had the new DC 2 packs yesterday and Green Arrow. They look great!

  5. SO great... the alien looks like a Skrull!

  6. When will series 2 be released?...

    1. Series 1 only just came out, so who knows if there will even be a Series 2 - but if I had to guess, I'd say maybe around Christmas, or first quarter 2014.

  7. Wow!
    Our hearts just stopped.
    This is AMAZING!!!

    Please Fisher Price release these around here!!!!