Random Toy Pic :: Unmasked Batman Playmobil Custom

Using miscellaneous parts from multiple Playmobil figures, I was able to construct this unmasked Batman custom Playmobil figure!

The wings come from a Fi?ures Series 1 Knight, the head (complete with black eye!) and hair from a Fi?ures Series 1 Boxer, and the gloves are from a Fi?ures Series 1 Executioner. The yellow belt is from a random Knight I had in my spare parts pile, and the legs, torso and arms are from other random figures. He is holding a rope with a hook and a handheld computer too, more random pieces I had laying around.

I cut some electric tape into a bat symbol, but otherwise this Unmasked Batman is a simple parts swap custom!

Someday I will need to connect with someone with a 3D printer and get a Playmobil sized Bat-cowl made. I am surprised there aren't any sites online where people sell stuff like that, like there are with custom Lego parts, but I suppose Lego do have a bigger collector/customizing community at this point.


  1. That's cool! Give it time and there will be 3D printing custom galore. I know there's at least one place that does 3.75" Star Wars accessories like cantina furniture/fixtures.

  2. Dude, that is spot on! This makes me wanna try my had at a custom Playmobil figure, but those darn heads, they're so dang hard to remove!

    1. That's the great thing about the Fi?ures blind bag figures...they are designed to come apart easily. As for standard klickys, I wrap a shoelace at the base of their heads like a tourniquet and pull - often the head and body go shooting across the room but it's been rather effective for me.

  3. That is one of the coolest Batman figures I've ever seen. Period. Good job Eric!

  4. Thanks! I love him too. He's hanging from the Christmas tree via his grapple hook as we speak haha.