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Today's League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment: 'Look What I Made'.

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn
As frequent readers of my blog know, I am rather fond of making Playmobil versions of Harley Quinn. Thanks to the Playmobil Figures series, with characters like Geisha (for the white head) and Lady GaGa (for the domino mask) I have been able to do simple head-swaps and parts kit-bashes to come up with some pretty fun little Harley Quinn Playmobil figures. My latest is this Arkham Knight Harley Quinn, based on the trailer for the Arkham Knight video game, wherein she assaults a police officer and in usual Harley Quinn flair, steals his hat.

'Oooh heaven is a place on Earth!'
I also recently put together an Angel Harley Quinn. This one came about when I found about three Playmobil Figures packs at a Toys R Us while on a road trip. As luck would have it, one was a Series 2 Geisha. I also located a Series 4 Angel and figured 'What the Hell.' (get it?) So I slapped the Geisha head onto the Angel body and Voila!

'The Doctor is IN!'
My 'basic' Harley Quinn has gone through many iterations. This is where she's settled thus far, with mallet and syringe. Because, again. 'What the Hell.' (No pun this time.)

'Just another day in Gangster's Paradise.'
Lastly, my Hip Hop Harley. I just really like this one, so she'll probably stay around for a while.

So that's what I made recently...with Playmobil parts...and Harley Quinn themed.

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  1. I been keeping my eye out for extra Playmobil figures and extras at the flea market Eric but none has turned up yet on my trips there.

  2. Always enjoy seeing what you come up with!

  3. Very nice customs Eric! My favorite is the Basic Harley.

    Makes me wanna make some Playmobil customs of my own. The only problem is the heads are so hard to remove!

    1. It's true - I've done it a couple times and it can be a real pain! Fortunately the blind bagged Figures are designed to be taken apart and rebuilt, making it easy when you use those parts!

  4. Hip Hop Harley is my favourite!