League of Extraordinary Bloggers :: Hake's Auction #212

This week's LOEB assignment: 'Hake's Auction #212.'

Hake’s Americana & Collectibles kicked off their latest auction (#212) on Tuesday, June 24.  And as usual, it is chock-full of extraordinary stuff that you can either bid on or keep your relationship with your wife in good standing!

Fortunately for LOEB members (and yes, YOU, if you want to become a League of Extraordinary Bloggers member) Hake’s will select one participating blog from this assignment to WIN $100 to use in this or a future auction!

So...what would I buy if I won, or if I had some extra cash just lying around?

Let's start with this tin, battery-operated Batmobile. As if the bat-symbol weren't enough to delineate this from your standard candy-apple red fifties Ford, Batman painted 'Batman' on the hood and door. Oh wait, did I say 'candy-apple red'? Yeah, this thing isn't very 'Batman-y.' I suppose it is a good thing Batman wrote 'Batman' on it after all!

Now THIS is more like it. Pretty much the pinnacle of '66 Batmobile toys, this is one clean looking Corgi Batmobile! I have one of these in pretty rough shape, so it would be nice to have a shiny clean one!

Speaking of pinnacles:

This Ideal Batcave Playset is one of my Holy Grails. I don't know what world the Batcave is labeled as 'Sanctuary', but it's a world I want to play in!

Oooh, or how about this Lily Ledy Batmobile! It's crank powered. CRANK POWERED!

Oh man, I would LOVE to own this sixties Japanese vinyl Batman. He looks like something Grant Morrison would dig up. Remember that time Batman borrowed Superman's underwear, boots and cape. ME NEITHER! but I love him anyways.

Sometimes the basic toys are the best. This Wader Batmobile is as simple as they get, yet still massively appealing (and way more expensive than I could ever justify!) It sure would look good in my Batmobile collection, though!

Sensing a theme here? Well stop it. Because I'd also love to own...

'Wings spread open' snicker-snicker
A mint on card Sorceress from the original Masters of the Universe line! I actually came really close to getting one of these for super cheap at a flea market once, but someone beat me to her. I can't complain, because I did come away with a Wonderbread He-Man, but still, the Sorceress continues to elude me to this day, and I'd just love to have her in my collection. And I promise you, I'd tear that card right open!

Well, that's my pile. Ok, I admit...I'd take anything and everything from Hake’s Americana & Collectibles auction #212 if I could. But these few items are some of my favorites and would fill some long outstanding holes in my collection.

Nerdy Life of Mine would buy some space stuff. From spaaaaace!
The Toy Box likes posters and comics and Hotwheels. From spaaaace!
And Cal's Canadian Cave of Cool already won once. From spaaaace!

Don't forget YOU can become a League of Extraordinary Bloggers member and may be selected by Hake's to WIN $100 to use in this or a future auction!