League of Extraordinary Bloggers :: Batman vs Timberlake

This week's League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment:

Merry Geekmas! Write or photograph something festive and pop culture oriented.

My wife is a huge Justin Timberlake fan. So when we spotted this JT marionette at Goodwill over Thanksgiving break I had to buy it for her.

But just because he's not my toy doesn't mean I (and Batman) can't have a little fun with him. Deck the balls with boots of fury! Falalalala lala la la!

"I'm bringin' steel-toe back. Yup."

Oh, and there are some jingly bells next to Batman there. Festive!

Other League members are also getting in the spirit...

Goodwill Hunting for Geeks throws toys at his tree and calls it decorating!
Ornament hangs tree on Christmas Yoda, Lair the Horde of Dork does!
And Green Plastic Squirt Gun squirts green vomit all over his Suckerman!