BootLEGO Batman v Superman Aquaman

I'm pretty sure you can't get an official LEGO Momoaquaman minifigure (yet), but thanks to the magic of the great big 'F-U' China gives to American copyright laws, you can get a BootLEGO Momoaquaman!

The Batman v Superman version of Aquaman sure has some luxurious locks, and while they don't have the blonde streaks/tips that Aquaman sports in the movie, his arms do sport those sweet Polynesian tattoos!

Momoaquaman is one of the higher-end BootLEGOs. He's pretty high quality - just a smidge south of LEGO quality.

If you're an Aquaman fan and have like .87 cents to spare, you ought to track him down on eBay today!


  1. Not my favorite interpretation of Aquaman

    1. Very Ninetiezzzz for sure, but I'm excited to see what comes of the Aquaman solo flick!

  2. Looks like a solid figure Eric!

  3. For some reason it reminds me of an angry Vincent Price with long hair.