Catwoman Purrrsday :: 20 Question Cat Chat with Catwoman

Today's Catwoman Purrsday is a real (kitty) treat! I have for you, dear Toyriffic reader, an interview with cosplayer extraordinaire Miss Mary Linabury and Catwoman herself! Catwoman seems to be running late, but Mary has arrived right on time, so let's start with her:

Hi Mary! Thanks for allowing me to post some of your awesome pics and thanks for being a part of my silly little weekly Catwoman tribute! Your Batman: The Animated Series costume is one of the finest I have ever seen, and your ability to play the part really comes through in your photos!

To begin, why don't we start by having you introducing yourself:

Mary: In one word, Mary is flamboyant!  When I say flamboyant I mean it; it's very hard to miss me when I walk down the street.  I'm always cheerful and happy--sometimes to a fault--but I also have a fierce side.  I'm something of a martial artist, so don't sneak up on me in a dark ally!

How long you have been cosplaying as Catwoman?

Mary: Actually unlike my Harley Quinn sister (Emily Herrington aka EatSleepBroadway on DeviantArt) I only just debuted my Catwoman.  Those pictures are from the very first con I showed it at.

Why, specifically, did you choose the Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman design to cosplay?

Mary: I may have picked a different style if I were to pick again, but because Emily had already developed her B:TAS Harley so much, I decided I would dress to match!

How do fans usually react when they see your version of Catwoman?

Mary:  I've gotten a great reception so far!  I think fans really like to see the animated series version- I haven't seen it done too often.  People have given me some really great comments, some creepy ones as well....what else do you expect?

Do you cosplay as any other characters?

Mary: Catwoman is really my only serious costume.  I also have a sexy Mario outfit, and few others that I do on stilts...don't ask. Haha

Are you a serious reader or merely a casual comic book fan?

Mary: I'm trying to get into the comic world now.  I've been reading a few series but none have really made an impression on me yet, so I'm still just browsing for now. 

What are some of your earliest memories of Catwoman?

Mary: I remember watching the animated series on Saturday mornings!  When I'm trying to get into character, I'll go watch the same episodes I watched when I was little.  

Where will you be appearing next as Catwoman (or other cosplay characters?)

Mary:  Youmacon in Detroit will be my next big con.  Look for me!

Besides cosplaying as Catwoman, what else do you do for fun?

Mary:  I'm big on sewing.  Eventually I want to go into fashion design, so I'm always sewing up new dresses and outfits.  In fact, I make a lot of my costumes myself!

What are your thoughts on the casting of Anne Hathaway as the silver screen's next Catwoman?

Mary:  I'm really split on that subject.  Anne Hathaway has surprised me before with her wide range of acting but I'm nervous that she won't portray Selina in the way that I've always have seen her.  Also, she doesn't even look like Catwoman!!  Batgirl maybe, but not Catwoman. :( 

Thanks for the interview Mary! I know you need to prepare for your next cosplay appearance, so why don't you let yourself out and send Catwoman in if you see her out there in the waiting room (I left a bowl of cream and a tuna fish sandwich on the table for her, so she might be enjoying those right now.)

*waits fifteen minutes. hears scratching at the window.

Oh, hello Catwoman! I expected you to come in through the front door! What was I thinking?! Come in, come in!

Now I know you've got a busy schedule, what with the ASPCA ribbon cutting downtown this morning and your parole hearing later this afternoon, so we'll make this quick:

How do you see yourself? As a misunderstood superhero, a supervillain, or other?

Catwoman: People can call me whatever they like.  I am merely trying to help those who cannot help themselves.  At the end of the day, the well-being of my kitties is the only thing that matters.

From black latex to flowing purple dresses, your wardrobe has seen many changes. What have been a couple of your favorite costumes throughout the years?

Catwoman:  Well, of course the gray jumpsuit was splendid, but I can't forget the always classic black jumpsuits.  I've love all my outfits, but I'm afraid I won't be returning to the flowing gowns- they kept tripping laser alarm systems.

What is your favorite breed of cat?

Catwoman: Favorite?  I love them all!  Big cats, small cats, fluffy cats, even those wrinkly, hairless ones.  

Purely hypothetical of course: If you could get away with stealing one priceless antique/art piece/historical artifact, what woulds it be and why?

Catwoman:  Hypothetical?  The Spinx.  I think you can understand why. 

Tom or Sylvester?

Catwoman:  I sympathized with poor Sylvester, I know how hard it is to catch those pesky little birds ;) ... 

Garfield or Heathcliff?

Catwoman:  Thats like asking me to choose between rigantoni and penne noodles. They've the same taste, same basic look.

Batman or Nightwing?

Catwoman:   Can't it be both?

Which actress (from any time) would you cast to play you in a movie?

Catwoman:  I would cast Charlize Theron.  She is a mature, accomplished actress who I know would handle the role well.  I would much rather it be her then all the young girls that I all too often see ruining my image in the movies. 

Which is easier to hotwire, a Lamborghini or a Ferarri?

Catwoman:  Both are quite tricky.  Cars like that have whats called an immobilizer system, it makes them impossible to hotwire like you would a normal car.  There are ways to get around that, but in the time it takes to do all that I could have just as easily pick-pocketed the owner and been two states over.  So to answer the question, neither...but I would prefer to steal the Ferrari. 

One final question before you go, Catwoman - I lost the combo to my bike lock, can you help me get it unlocked? 

Catwoman:  Bike lock?  What kind of petty criminal do you think I am?!  Now if you need any precious gems stolen we can talk over a hefty donation to my 'Save the Mountain Lions' fund.

Ahh, yes...well...thanks anyways Catwoman. I don't really need anything stolen, I mean I don't need you to steal anything for me...or from me for that matter...haha, you know what I mean...anyways, thanks for your time and I'll be seeing you in the police blotter, haha...ha...ha...ahem.

Images courtesy BeautifulByebye on DeviantArt and ByeByeBeautiful at the Enthusiast
Mary aka Catwoman can be contacted at kingdomofcolette@yahoo.com



  1. Boy, those girls are like action figures come to life. Awesome costumes and pics.

  2. I Love The Catwoman....She Looks So Purrrr-fect!! <3