I Am John Henry Irons, Man.

Wrapping up Iron Man week we at ToyRiffic bring you DC's answer to Iron Man, John Henry Irons aka Steel.

Debuting during the Reign of the Supermen saga (right after the death of the big blue boyscout himself,) Steel burst onto the scene not as a pretender to Superman's throne but as one inspired to live up to the ideals and heroics set forth by the Last Son of Krypton.

Part of the DC Superheroes line that has since morphed into DC Universe Classics, Steel is an excellent figure with an amazing comic accurate sculpt and tons of minuscule details. His left wrist even has the rivet gun he used in his early adventures.

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way."

I do prefer cloth capes, but the bulk of Steel means that he wears his big plastic cape with ease and has little risk of falling over.

Steel also came with his signature sledgehammer, which has all sorts of nifty abilities in the comics.
There were two versions of this figure available, this one with the shiny "S" shield and a duller grey "S" version. I don't know which was harder to find, but I think the shiny chromed "S" gives Steel the grandeur he deserves.

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of...whoops, wrong superhero!"


  1. not sure what the comment above has to do with Steel...

    anyway E, I totally missed this one and the non shiny one, doh! Steel had to be the best thing to come out of that story line. I wish the JLU steel had the cape and "S" shield.

  2. I agree CB, Steel is a great character who has certainly grown on me over time.

    I was lucky to find this guy on clearance at Target when the line was ending. I'm glad I did because he is definitely one of the finest of the whole series.

  3. this a beautiful figure no doubt. I had an older Steel figure with JLA on the top part of the card...it was like the later versions of Total Justice, but this one was nicely done, not quite as detailed as this one but a top notch figure nonetheless. It was a KB Toy store exclusive and it was out in around '98 or 99.

  4. Jay,

    I know the one you're talking about - I had that same figure once as well. I ended up getting rid of the figures I had in that line, most of which were a bit overly muscular in their design for my tastes.

  5. Jay,

    I have one that is sort of blueish in color, and it swings it's hammer when you twist it or something, is that the same one?

    I know they use the same molds over and over, I'm thinking I picked up mine as part of a superman line, I think they made a chrome version and it was part of the JLU line, is this the same one?

  6. CB,

    I don't recall an action feature on the one I had, which you can see if you scroll to the bottom of this page:

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    I am from Spain =)

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