Silly Geeks, Toys are for Kids!

Fellow blogger Tim Brannan of The Other Side Blog just posted about his Thanksgiving, and how his brother busted out a bunch of their old toys and gave them to Tim's kids to play with.

Yes, to play with.

He didn't hit up eBay, or put them under a glass shelf, or toss them out on the lawn with other garage sale fodder, or (much to my chagrin) ask me what my address was so he could send them to me...


...no, he gave them to his little boys to play with, so that the magic could start anew.

Somewhere in Chicago there are a couple of very lucky young boys playing with these:

G1 Transformers Ultra Magnus, Blaster, Sideswipe, Perceptor, Sludge, Grapple, and some parts to Megatron and Galvatron.

And a ton of original Dungeons and Dragons figures and beasts. I don't know these guys names, although I did have the frog dudes as a kid. UPDATE: Thanks to Tim, I can now name all these guys: "The D&D toys are from left to right:Skeleton Warrior, Hook Horror, Tiamat, Umber Hulk, Chimera, Roper (behind the Chimera), Ogre, another Skeleton Warrior, Troll, an Orc (in front), a goblin, a Bullywug (the frog dude) and a neo-otyguh."

And the collective collector universe let out a gasp, yet somehow everything seems a little more "right" in the Universe today.

The thought of Tim's kids playing with such groovy stuff from my generation's childhood made me think about my own kids, and how I have influenced their choices in playthings - although it's a little different for me since I have daughters, the influence is still there:

Of course, should your kids tire of any of that stuff any time soon you know who to call, right Tim? ;)


  1. Thanks for the post!

    And yes, I am sure I will have plenty of people asking for these. ;)

    For the D&D toys they are from left to right:
    Skeleton Warrior, Hook Horror, Tiamat, Umber Hulk, Chimera, Roper (behind the Chimera), Ogre, another Skeleton Warrior, Troll, an Orc (in front), a goblin, a Bullywug (the frog dude) and a neo-otyguh.

    Truthfully the look on my kids' faces when they got these was priceless. Can't buy that on eBay.

  2. OH!

    And that Harley and Catwoman are awesome too!

    Now if I can just find a Volcana!

  3. My salute to Tim's brother. He did the right thingy. Toys are for kids 1st. Collector 2nd.

  4. I give all my toys to my inner child. Does that count? :)

    I don't have kids, but I always try to give toys to the children I know. I have a box of toys (some JLU, a couple of ninja turtles, and other stuff) in case friends or family bring kids home.

    My Girlfriend's nephew kept asking for clothes for his birthday... What's wrong with that kid? I kept giving Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman and ninja turtles toys until he came around.

    Also, I would have killed for that Tiamat when I was a kid.

  5. I went nuts in the late '90s when Star Wars figures were cranked out again and seemed to quickly go to clearance at K*B and Toys R Us.

    They sat in the closet or in displays until about 3 months ago when I gave them all (including a Falcon, Slave 1, and an X-Wing) to the kids.

    My Marvel Legends, though, are still for me.

  6. Now that is way cool! I just love the thought of these kids playing with old toys from our youth puts a smile on my face.

  7. You let a child touch that glorious near mint Tiamat? Good god, man! ;)

  8. Are you kidding?? It is all I can do to keep him from sleeping with the damn thing!

    He loves Tiamat. Our current D&D 3.0 game is built around Tiamat and dragons. So how can I not let him play with it? ;)

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