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I admit, I'm a bit of a fair-weather Leaguer. I do the League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignments I like and skip over those I don't. Which means I haven't done one in a while. Oops!

I don't know if that's 'ok' according to League by-laws, but whatyagonnado?

This week's assignment, which I could not pass up: "Young Guns"

In the spirit of Young Indiana Jones, Young Frankenstein, or Young Einstein, come up with a “Young ___” prequel or series.

It seems like it's all been done before (to death) though, right? We've seen toddler turtles and Smallville and Young Sherlock Holmes - but what haven't we seen?

I decided to go with Transformers. Not just 'young' Transformers, because we've seen that already too (Wheelie, anyone?) but Transformers that Transform into kid's ride-on and pre-school toys!


Imagine Optimus Prime as a Bigwheel towing a Radio Flyer wagon! Soundwave as a 'See-and-Say'! Megatron as a Super-Soaker! The ideas are endless, as would be the merchandising blitz!

I did some super quick doodles of vehicle modes to give you an idea. If I had more time I'd have done robot modes, but as I imagine it they're youthful looking G1esque robots, incorporating the elements of their new alt modes with design elements of their G1 looks and elements of young kids (ex: Bumblebee is most definitely clad in a striped onesie) to create a beautiful symmetry of design, form and concept. Or something like that.

Hey, it's better than anything Michael Bay has or ever will come up with, right?

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  1. Love the doodles!

    And yes, it's totally fine to skip the posts you don't wanna do. I haven't done one in like 3 weeks I think :(

    1. Thanks Dex! Yeah, I tend to skip it for months due to either time or not having a good answer for the challenge. But I haven't been booted from the clubhouse yet! ;)

  2. Conan DID play with dollies! Well, he mostly practiced his beheadings on them. Much to the dismay of every little Cimmerian girl in his village.

    Great idea!

    1. Oh that Conan, whatta scamp!

      Did his mom call him 'Coney?' for short?

  3. This is my favorite entry for this League's Weekly Asignement! I'm not sure yet if I will make an entry for the League this week, I'm lacking from ideas!

  4. Genius. I want a girl Transformer who turns into a pair of rollerskates.

    1. Great idea! They could transform into bickering twins!