Mummy Raphael :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

"Who's your mummy...haw haw! Sorry, just a little undead humor."

Okay, Raphael as a mummy is ridiculous too, but I can't help it. He's my favorite of all the TMNT/Universal Monsters Series one figures.

This could happen: maybe he's just injured (badly.) Or he was killed during a time warp to ancient Egypt and they mummified him and he was discovered and revived in modern times and...oh okay. But I still love him!

Mummy Raph came with a couple cobra headed blades, a smaller knife and a bracelet with a beetle on it. He also glows over almost his entire body! All the wrappings and of course his eyes, this guy practically shines in the dark!

Well that's it for series one of the TMNT/Universal Monsters mash-up. Tune in on Monday to see the only figure from Series two I currently own. In the meantime, I tried to get a group shot of all of the figures together, but my assistant felt my figure arrangement skills were lacking and insisted on helping out: we abandoned the idea due to 'creative differences,' (I wanted to photograph the toys, she wanted to chew on them,) but this 'behind the scenes' shot still remains:

Stay spooky!