Young Justice LEGO Bootleg Minifgures by ShengYuan

While perusing eBay to see what those crazy awesome Chinese LEGO bootleggers have to offer I came across a full series of Young Justice minifigures by ShengYuan (the same company that made the bootleg Batgirl I blogged about a few weeks ago.) Having seen the quality of their Batgirl, I knew it was worth the less-than-a-dollar-each risk to order this set of eight minifigures, especially because LEGO will never make a series of minifigures for a long cancelled cartoon!

The set includes:
Clone Containment Suit Superboy
Miss Martian
Kid Flash

Each minifigure includes accessories and a weird minibuild to accompany them on their base. A ton of toy for less than a buck!

Aqualad comes with two hard-water swords. Awesome!

Artemis is one of my favorites from this set. She comes with a compound bow and a quiver, and a perfectly passable piece of Kryptonite!

Kid Flash comes with a couple red sticks to emulate speedlines I suppose.

The wild red hair is just perfect!

Miss Martian. What can I say? Did you ever think in a million years you would see a LEGO(esque) Miss Martian minifigure? She also has a lasso(?) and a green thingy that I suppose could be put on her hand and emulate some mid-form shape-shifting.

I would have preferred her hair a bit more on the ginger side, but come on! Miss Martian! This is definitely my favorite minifgure from the set, and well worth the price of admission!

Nightwing. You may be surprised to learn that this is the first Nightwing minifgure in my collection!

LEGO always gives Nightwing an idiot hairdo. It's nice to see a well coiffed Nightwing for a change.

Robin. A nice Young Justice variant on the ubiquitous Robin minifigure. With dynamite.

None of the figures from this series have multiple facial expressions, but they are all printed on their backs, and many (like Robin here) have printing on their legs - attention to detail that the bootleggers could have easily skipped (they ARE bootleggers after all!)

Clone Containment Suit Superboy. With...windmill(?) and a sweet piece of blue Kryptonite. Isn't blue Kryptonite the one that is effective against Bizarro? Did it have a role in Young Justice? I don't remember.

And finally, regular t-shirt and jeans Superboy. He came with an all white head piece - I have no idea why. It may also be relevant to the cartoon but I clearly missed that episode.

The quality of these ShengYuan bootleg minifigures is top notch. Not as top notch as LEGO but on par with Kre-O and Mega Bloks for sure. And did I mention how cheap these things are? Good lord, you're losing money by NOT buying these things!

My only quibble is that the upper arms of the minifigures aren't painted, so instead of short sleeves, you get wife-beater shirts on a few of them. But that's a MINOR issue for a bunch of non-licensed minifigures you will never see made in any official capacity. Go buy some and see if you don't agree. What do you have to lose?


  1. Sweet! I need to score some of the Dragonball Z Legos bootlegs soon and i need a Deadpool too.

    1. There are DBZ characters too!? I think I just might give these guys a chance now, especially since I don't see LEGO ever making DBZ minifigures.

  2. That Miss Martian is awesome! Okay, I'm convinced, these seem to be worth the money, especially for those never-gonna-be-LEGO figures.

  3. Clone Containment Suit is not Superboy it's Match a perfect clone of Superman without human DNA and actually he can fly.

    1. Ah, thanks Loutre! I haven't seen enough episodes to know about that.

  4. Actually all of these characters are original because most of the knock off figures I see are the same as the one in the video games bt these are cool and original.