League of Extraordinary Bloggers :: Seeing Red

This week's League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment was a simple one: 'I'm Seeing Red.'

What better way to represent Red than with one of my favorite action figures: Dex-Starr from Fisher-Price's Hero World line!

Dex-Starr originally came with Atrocitus, he was actually more of an accessory than a companion figure, but I got the set specifically for Dex-Starr and therefore I got rid of Atrocitus long ago, as I had no emotional attachment to him. I kind of regret doing so, because I never saw this set on shelves more than once and never see them pop up on eBay or anywhere else. They appear to be a bit rare. It's like they made a handful of them and POOF they dissapeared from toy shelves never to be seen again. Weird.Oh well, at least I still have Dex-Starr, the star (haw haw) of the pair!

Are your corneas burned out yet? If not, look around elsewhere in the League for more crimson coolness...
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  1. love that!Saw a Hero World Flash & Hawkman this weekend, but never Atrocitus...

  2. I've still not seen Flash or Hawkman in stores around me!