Hubcat :: A Public Service Announcement :: Countdown to Halloween 2013

"Meow...what a nice Halloween night. I think I'll just roam into the street without looking both ways before crossing..."




"One down, eight to go. But remember kids, YOU don't have nine lives, so be aware of cars this Halloween night!"

This is Hubcat, from Tyco's Crash Test Dummies toyline. He was originally released in 1991 and also came with a dog counterpart named bumper. I remember thinking this was a pretty morbid toy back then, but now I wish I had picked it up for exactly that reason. There was also a baby in a car seat released, which is debatably less morbid (at least the kid is safely stowed away in a car seat and doesn't have a 'roadkill' action feature!) and I wish I had picked that one up back in the nineties too!

Fortunately I found Hubcat recently at a thrift store for a quarter. No sign of Bumper though.


  1. Heh heh, I love this little guy. I also have Skid The Kid and Bumper somewhere. My brother and I had several Crash Test Dummy toys, but all that's left of the main characters are random limbs. The baby and pets stuck around though because they don't fall apart at the touch of a button, so they're not as easily lost.

    Great find for a quarter!

  2. Never seen this one before Eric and i will have to keep my eyes out for Bumper and the Baby for you now. Just so weird that they made Crash Test Dummy action figures.

    1. Yeah, they were way fun. A signal computer animated cartoon aired and the toy line immediatly followed. My brother and I had tons of these as kids, but they're easily lost.