The New Batman Adventures Battle Damaged Batgirl

Originally part of a Toys R Us exclusive four pack, this TNBA (The New Batman Adventures) Batgirl action figure features 'battle damage' paint applications to re-create her in a post-tussle condition. Missed opportunity: Alfred with sewing kit action figure!

Unfortunately she also has some real world scrapes too! Or a cold sore - who you been kissin, Babsy?

I did not pick this set up when it was at retail. It included a battle damaged Batman, battle damaged Robin, and battle damaged Catwoman - but since I had already picked up the Catwoman and Battle Damaged Batman two pack at the time, I didn't want so many redundancies. So finding her at the flea market for a dollar a couple weekends back was a deal I couldn't pass on, scrapes or no scrapes!

I really like this design of the animated Batgirl - these few figures came out right after Mattel acquired the license. The previous Hasbro versions didn't look as close to her animated counterparts as they could have, and Mattel did a good job with the subtle contra-posto stance in this sculpt. Great figure, (see, I can say nice things about Mattel sometimes!) and while I would prefer her to have a normal 'clean' costume, I'm almost positive that they did not release one at general retail with this sculpt. I recall a silver (?!?!) version in another four pack, and of course this one - a normal costume may have been released with the 'Rise of Sun-Tzu' video game but I'm not positive, and that wouldn't have helped me at the time because I didn't have whatever game system the game was made for then anyways.

Whatever the case may be, I have Batgirl now and that's good news in my book!


  1. Darn, Eric!
    This is twice in the past week or two when you've showed off something Batgirl related that I don't own! Off to E-bay again!

  2. The battle damage is nice but she needs to have a scowl on her face i think vs the smile.

    1. I've never known a gal so happy about a run in her tights!

    2. Maybe she took in a bit too much "Joker Gas"...???