Imaginext Blind Bagged Series 4 CODES!

Imaginext Blind Bagged Series 4 is reportedly being found now at retail locations like Meijers in the Midwest U.S. of A. (according to lok of That Figures) and the number codes embossed on the top right corner on the back of their packages have been deciphered:

70 - Boxer
71 - Snowboarder
72 - Witch
77 - Space Gorilla
79 - Evil Robot
80 - Clown
81 - Basketball player
82 - Mad Scientist

I know in the past people have claimed to have found different codes in different shipments, so that may explain the gap in the numbering seen in this list here. As always, I recommend you squeeze the packages to be doubly certain you are getting the figure you are seeking.

Personally I will be all over that crazy Arkham City Joker Goon-esque clown, and that Space Ape is an absolute must have as well!

Happy Hunting, and thanks again to lok and That Figures for the heads-up!


  1. Anyone hear anything about a series 5? Didn't know if Mattel had Imaginext at Toy Fair, and we're only a werewolf away from a full set of Imaginext monsters.

    1. A few Imaginext things were shown at Toy Fair - primarily a new Power Rangers theme - but no mention of Series 5. I think it will be a while before we hear anything about Series 5, with Series 4 only just now hitting stores.

      And I agree - an Imaginext werewolf is sorely needed!

  2. I haven't even seen any of these on Ebay yet! They're trickling out rather slowly!

  3. Any Series 5 codes yet? I gotta get me on of them ghosts!

    1. I have yet to find Series 5 (I am pretty sure they are Walmart exclusive/early release at this point) but here are the codes being reported by others:

      70 - Cyclops
      75 - Ghost
      63 - Chinese Warrior
      66 - Genie
      65 - Fly
      68 - Crash Test Dummy
      74 - Wolfman
      71 - Warrior Queen

  4. Man, just when I swear off Imaginext they come out with more awesome figs! I gotta have that robot and space gorilla!