Tim Mee Legendary Battle Figures Are...Wait For It...


Hokey smokes, where were these when I was a kid?

Tim Mee has just re-released their Legendary Battle collection - originally released in 1986 (a couple years after I had lost interest in Masters of the Universe), I never knew these things existed! But am I sure glad to have rectified that terrible oversight. Look at these things - starting with that almost Skeletor above!

But wait, it gets better...

You can't fool me, this is totally Thor! Thor with an axe, but hey, no one said Thor couldn't put his hammer down and wield a different weapon every now and then, right?

Also included in this set is a larger version of the Tim Mee Cave Man, a wonderful sculpt that deserves this larger format. If I could paint worth a damn I would totally turn this guy into Fred Flintstone.

Wait, did I say 'larger format'? That's right, these figures are larger than your standard little green army men (or little orange Galaxy Laser Team Han Rogers) figures. Which makes them that much cooler, and formidable foes (or allies.)

Ok, this guy. I don't know, is he the wizard Shazam or a bearded Superman or just some musclebound Santa wannabe? Who knows Who cares! He's crazy! "I'm Old-Man!"

Then there's this fellow. Man Bat by way of the Evil Horde. Too cool for school!

Lastly we have one who is pretty much a straight across rip-off, even moreso than Thor with axe above...

Dr. Doom! Holey moley I love seeing stuff like this. Easily my favorite of the bunch.

This set comes with 32 pieces, each figure in grey and green. The green is classic (and works PERFECT for Dr. Doom) and the grey is a nice manly color for the more bad-ass of the bunch.

Look out, Mr. Wizard! Someone is casting a giant-wanded spell on you!

Oh wait, it's okay...that's just my intern eating a banana. Carry on.

P.S. I just discovered over at Little Weirdos that these figures are all re-sculpted Marvel characters - which explains their familiarity! Crazy!


  1. Didn't know these existed either. Awesome!

  2. I found a pink "Thor" in a lot of random mini-figures I bought on ebay -years- ago and never could figure out where it came from. Pretty fantastic. Though now I wish there had been one of those "Doom" knock-offs included, too.

  3. These kick butt! I'll have to pick up some for myself here soon!

  4. Yeah, these were originally retooled Marvel plastic figures. That Caveman started out life as the Hulk, that Wizard was Falcon I believe, that bat creature was the Human Torch!