Tim Mee does it again!

Not one to rest on their laurels after re-releasing the wonderfully kitschy Galaxy Laser Team, Tim Mee has now re-released their classic Cavemen figurines set, the massive Battle Mountain playset, and even a slew of military vehicles to go along with your little green army men!

I gotta tell ya', I don't know if Toyriffic's internship program is helping or if it's causing me MORE work and stress!

Here's our intern setting up the shot. 'You need more cavemen on this ledge, daddy!'

The cavemen are just great. I never owned any of these as a kid, but wish I had, considering how many Imperial dinosaurs I owned. They would have made the perfect fodder! I also love the vastly different designs. I'm pretty sure the second from the left is the leader!

You get 48 cavemen in a bag - split into two colors: tan and red. They come in 'Rock thrower,' 'Club wielder,' 'Shillelagh swinger' and 'Hatchet heaver' styles!

A lot of detail is packed into their diminutive stature too, check out that knife on his belt! He'll flatten you then fillet you! And of course just the concept of a rock about to be dropped on the heads of his tan hued foes is enough to get any red blooded American kid excited!

And speaking of exciting...

"Voila! My masterpiece is finished."

This Battle Mountain Playset is just spectacular. Why didn't I have one of these (or TEN of them) when I was a kid?!?! This thing is the perfect all purpose playset. Great for the cavemen, or amry men, or any little figures...mine is destined to become part of a mini Batcave display very soon! This thing is so simple yet so amazingly versatile. I just love it!

Finally, here's one of the newly released military vehicles. This is the tan armored military scout. These vehicles were apparently old stock left over from the last production run before Processed Plastic was sold!

I remember having so many different military vehicles to go along with my little green army men back in the day, but many of them were scaled much smaller than the figures themselves, and few rolled along very well. I must have had a lot of cheap sets!

This one is much better designed than what I remember. It's pretty well scaled to the figurines, and does a great job of mowing over cavemen who get a little too unruly!

The wheels roll nicely and the turret turns smoothly too!

It holds a lot of 'troops' as well!

These Tim Mee toys are all highly recommended if you are into recapturing the magic of the plastic figurines of your youth, and I can't recommend the Battle Mountain Playset highly enough due to it's versatility and display value! It's just keen!

You can get the bag of 48 tan and red Cavemen,
the Battle Mountain Playset, 
the tan armored scout vehicle,
and a number of other vehicles as well,
not to mention the Galaxy Laser Team
on Amazon.com right now!

Cavemen vs. Skateboarders. Oh the humanity!

During the photoshoot, my intern decided to upend all the bags of figures I was shooting.

Of course, keeping them on the table became an exercise in futility after mere seconds. I'm going to be stepping on cavemen and skateboarders for months!

The cavemen do seem to have the upper hand!

In addition to taking over the whole photoshoot, my intern also insisted on wearing my shirt! You just can't get good free help these days!

The battle for Battle Mountain is over. It appears one lone skateboarder has survived...

"That what HE think! Bombs awaaaaay!"


  1. Awesome... I have that mountain playset in red plastic, which I found at (take a wild guess...) Goodwill several months back. I had no idea what it originally went to.

    1. Have you posted pics of it yet? I'd love to see it!

    2. http://goodwillhunting4geeks.blogspot.com/2012/12/december-4-23-items-of-christmas_4.html

      There you go!

    3. Hmmm... check this out. Scroll all the way down.


      I just can't find it in red anywhere.

    4. Interesting - I imagine yours had some sort of 'base' like that one at some point. I messaged Jeff, the guy who has been getting these things re-issued, so maybe he'll be able to shed some light on your red one (I too was unable to find another red example in my not so exhaustive Google search!)

    5. Hey All,

      The red mountain was usually included as part of a Processed Plastic Dinosaur Boxed Set in the big-box stores back in the 90's. Here's one on Worthpoint:


      A lot of the vintage mountains have 2 tabs in the front, and the molds still have those. The factory trimmed them off for the reissue so they sit better. We also think the tabs may have been for a base, but it wasn't part of the mountain mold and I've never seen one with a base. It could have been something that was dropped at some point in the pre-production phase, but so far it's just conjecture.

      Thanks for the great write up!

      JEff (VictoryBuy)

    6. Very interesting - thanks for the info, Jeff!

    7. Dinosaur Mountain!!! Thanks for the mystery solved!

  2. Here is too hoping they do the army soldiers being shot next!

    1. You should head over to their FB page and request they remake those ones! https://www.facebook.com/TimMeePlasticArmyMen

  3. I completely forgot that I had a bunch of the green plastic army men many years ago. That tan scout vehicle looks familiar too, though I think mine was in green.

    You know, at first I thought that bag of 48 cavemen seemed a little spendy, then I saw they were produced domestically. It's kinda nice seeing "Made in the USA" on a plastic toy for once.

    1. Yeah it is a nice change of pace and worth the extra couple bucks!

  4. This is the second time today I ran into your site! I found a brown Tim Mee mountain at a thrift store last night and my search led me here. The face of the mountain has these small flat "pegs" as if it were to connect to a base, thereby making it unable to stand upright evenly. No clue On it's age, but I thought I'd transform this into some Masters of the Universe prop or Batcave. Love your site, so far I'm a fan of most of the stuff you post about, and thanks o you I discovered these TM cavemen and the existence of bump codes for Lego figure packs!