Transformers BotBots Series 1 :: NOW WITH CODES!

I found the new Transformers BotBots blind boxed individual figures at Target the other day and decided to take a chance on a few to see what they are like.

My favorite of the four I found, and probably the most Transformerish, is S.A. Cheez. He transforms from camera to robot and is part of the Techie Team. (BotBots are apparently divided into teams depending on what level or store in the mall they reside. Seriously.)

Their names are all pretty corny too, but S.A. Cheez looks great in both modes.

I also got Fun Gus. Yeah. So he's a fungus apparently.

Fun Gus's robot mode is kinda cute though.  He's part of the Shed Heads faction, which includes plants and power tools. And useless fungi.

Fomo is a GoPro and also part of the Techie Team. But he's pretty boring looking in both modes.

They do all have pretty sturdy builds and don't feel terribly cheap, so that's a plus.

Last of my first four is Sergeant Scrubadub. He's a bar of soap. With an Autobot symbol! He's actually the only one I have with any symbol, and it's interesting they didn't put the Toilet Troop faction symbol on him. Yeah, Toilet Troop. Welcome to 2019.

As much as I want to hate on a bar of soap that transforms into a robot, I actually kind of love this guy. He has a great robot mode which makes up for his alt mode being a sudsy bar of soap. Also he's a Sgt. He's a soldier. And a bar of soap. HE'S SEEN THINGS!

These single packs are $2.99 each at Target, and there are 61 to collect in Series 1. They're fun and ridiculous, if you have three bucks to throw away you could do far worse.

UPDATE: Codes have been identified and were posted over at Seibertron.com (pic below) and I can confirm they work as I picked up a couple more using the code list and they were all the figure I expected to get! Codes are either printed or hand written (?!) on the lower right corner on the back of each pack as seen (17, which indeed contained Frostferatu) below.


  1. I've picked up quite a few of these and I'm loving them! They're really, really fun. I also have Sgt. Scrubadub.

    And yeah, toilet troop. What is with all of the feces themed kids stuff these days? Sheesh!

    1. I fully anticipate a transforming pile of poop in the lineup before years' end.

  2. I'm still eagerly awaiting to find these locally. Where in Target were these merchandised?

    1. Not, as one would freaking expect, with the damn toys! Actually at an end cap somewhere between electronics and toys, by camping stuff. My Target is weird.