IDENTIFIED:: Who is this guy? TOMY Die-cast/plastic Sweeping Garbage Can

Update: IDENTIFIED at http://ghostofthedoll.co.uk/Forum/index.php?topic=5693.0 - it's a TOMY Whimsical Wheels from 1982.

Original post: I have no idea who/what this guy/gal is, and so far neither does anyone I've shown it to on every online source I have. I even, out of desperation, showed it to my wife!

He is die-cast and plastic, approximately the size of a Hotwheels/Matchbox car or most standard wind--up Tomy toys, but he is not a windup, he is just a rolling toy. Only marked "TOMY © Japan".

He's an anthropomorphic rolling Trashcan with arms, pushing a broom. When you roll him the oblong wheel under the broom makes it bob up and down.

Is he a character from a TV series, or something from a specific or random toyline?

There's one on eBay (not my auction) but the seller doesn't know anything about him either.

I have a feeling he must be a bit character from a preschool show like Thomas the Tank or Bob the Builder, but so far I've found nothing like him anywhere online. He doesn't look old or vintage, I'm sure he's less than ten years old at most.

Can anyone identify him, or lead me in the right direction? Maybe the wheels look familiar to something else TOMY made? Or the diecast/plastic combo reminds you of another TOMY toyline?



  1. My best guess would be that he is either one of Japan's thousands of random product mascots or he is from some random anime .either way I do not believe that it was intended for the American market.

    1. That's a solid guess, I'll have to dig into that theory a bit and see if I find anything!