My Little Pony Stranger Things Upside-Down Applejack

Target has been in the reissued My Little  Pony game for a while now. I've been paying them mild attention because my youngest daughter is getting into MLPs, but prefers the original styling. Luckily I find them pretty often at the flea market or garage sales for cheap so I've not yet had to actually buy one for more than a buck or two.

But then I found out that for some yet unknown reason (Season 3 drops this week) they made a Stranger Things Applejack, with the packaging and figure all 'Upside-down'-ized, literally and figuratively.

The pony and package are all blues and faded, and her cutie mark is printed upside-down too.

I love Stranger Things, and this level of left-field marketing hits all my buttons. I was able to find Upside-down Applejack at Target today, and even got her on sale because the retro ponies are a buck-fifty off! Sadly I only found one - I'll either give this to my daughter when she can appreciate keeping it in package or I'll buy a second one for her to open (if I find it again). But for now, I'm keeping Upside-down Applejack for myself.

FYI here is what Right-Side-Up Applejack looks like, which my daughter would probably prefer anyways:


  1. Glad to hear that you managed to get her on sale!

    1. I'm honestly not sure if it counts as part of the line or if it's a standalone special release, it rang up full price but when I mentioned the sale the cashier happily adjusted the price!

  2. Haha, that's awesome! I have seen some interesting Stranger Things merch, including a Kodak camera.