Go Ask Alice

Mezco's Popeye the Sailorman action figure series was one of the coolest things to hit toy aisles in the early 2000s. Ironically, by the time 2004 rolled around (the 75th anniversary of Popeye) the series was petering out. Apparently there wasn't enough retailer interest in the line, and by Series 3, we were given only one "all new" character, a bunch of repaints, and a "diver" and "scuba" version of Popeye and Bluto respectively.

Even more ironic, the "all new" character was the most obscure of the entire line, and was the most difficult to acquire.

Of whom do I speak? But of course I speak of the one and only Alice the Goon:

At the time I knew she was being released, and tried hard to find any local comic shops or stores that carried this line (none did.) I watched the Mezco online store daily for updates, and finally one day, she was up for sale. I ordered her and not a couple hours later she was sold out.

Alice is pretty tough to come by these days. When she (rarely) pops up on eBay she goes for quite a few bucks. I'm just glad I got her for $12 plus shipping!

Since the line was pretty well dying when Series 3 rolled out, all the figures had mostly regurgitated accessories from the earlier two lines. Alice came with a Swee' Pea variant in a blue outfit as opposed to the originally released red.

I sure wish Mezco had kept going with these figures. Or that they someday try it again. I would have loved a Goon in it's natural garb (or lack thereof.)

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