'Mayhem at the Manor' by Les McClaine

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Thundercats Week (which interrupted your regularly scheduled Harley Qwednesday) to bring you the best thing you will see today, if not in your whole miserable life.

 (click pic to make like Sprang)

Man this is just...wow. Take a look at it, up close, for a long time. Savor the eyegasm this thing produces - the wonderful storytelling going on here, the cute characters and hidden gems all over this beautiful work of art. If I managed the Louvre I'd step on the Mona Lisa as I tore it off the wall in order to hang this thing in it's proper space.

I like it.

And hey, there's Harley Quinn! So 'full circle' and all that jazz.

Found via Comics Alliance. Also swing by Les McClaine's website evilspacerobot.com


  1. Catwoman is kissing Baaatmaaan!!!111
    Is is a reference to Batman Hush?

  2. It would be sweet to have framed copy of that.