Harley Qwednesday :: Bud and Lou

Named after the legendary comedy duo Bud Abbot and Lou Costello, Bud and Lou are Harley Quinn's 'babies;' a pair of well trained (I dare not say 'domesticated') hyena.

Bud and Lou first appeared on Batman: The Animated Series (originally unnamed,) have made appearances in comics and other Batman animated worlds, and later even had speaking roles on the anthropomorphic Krypto the Super Dog cartoon.

It's no surprise that Harley would have pet Hyena, as they are well known for their laugh-like sound. In fact, I remember as a kid always referring to Hyena as 'Laughing Hyena,'as if it were actually part of the animal's name.

It should be. 
Bud and Lou, Playmobil style.

Bud and Lou on Krypto the Super Dog.

Bud and Lou in Harley Quinn's self titled comic book.

Two unnamed toy hyena were released with a Batman: Animated Harley Quinn doll and Bud and Lou were released with Ace the Bat-Hound as part of the Krypto toyline.

Did you know Hyena are more closely related to cats than dogs? True fact! Maybe Catwoman and Harley have more in common than they thought!


  1. Hyenas are cool animals, I love them. I have some plastic toy hyenas of different size and color.

  2. They are a pretty awesome animal, aren't they?

  3. trying to find a good pic of bud or lou to get tattooed next to my HQ tat

    1. That sounds epic - be sure to send pics when you get the tat!

      I'd recommend checking in some of the older Batman Animated themed comics for a good picture.