League of Extraordinary Bloggers :: Hollywood Memorabilia

Cool & Collected recently spearheaded a cross-blog weekly writing assignment, and Toyriffic is in for the fun!

This week's topic:   

You have an unlimited budget and space is not a problem. What piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you want hanging around in your batcave?

Hmm...well I suppose the all too obvious answer is the Batmobile from the sixties TV show, but that answer is such a no brainer that if I had an unlimited budget and unlimited space I would already own about ten of them on the first day I came into my money - a normal one, one with a truck bed, one stretched like a limo, a jacked-up monster truck version, a floating version, a hovercraft version...you get the idea.

Leaving the garage behind, let's stretch back in time a bit further (and also stretch the term 'Hollywood' to include...Berlin...) for inside my home I would have recreated in full size:

The robot Maria from Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

The original costume used in the movie was destroyed in a fire years ago. Below are pics of a full size replica built in 1976 by effects artist Bill Malone.

Original or replica, this would be an awesome thing to have in the living room!


  1. The 1966 Batmobile is on my list for sure, but awesome choice going with the robot from Metropolis. I always forget about that movie.

  2. This movie has been sitting in my Netflix que for ages. I might need to finally sit down and watch it.

    1. Brian, if it's the most recent 'complete' restored version I HIGHLY recommend you see it. In addition to the film being a masterpiece, the history of it is fascinating!

  3. Sold! I'll move it up in the queue. Now it will sit right in front of Hot Tub Time Machine. Maybe I'll make them a double feature. ;)