Random Cosplay Pic :: Serinda Swan as Zatanna

Love it or hate it, Smallville did a lot of great things for fans of Superman and comics in general in it's ten year run.

Topping the list; this:

Serinda Swan as the Mistress of Magic herself, Zatanna!

I think it's pretty noteworthy too, and the New DCU should especially take note, that Serinda's Zatanna costume is comic accurate and SUPER sexy, yet not very revealing.

Sexy is attitude and swagger - and not always skin.

"Evomer sehtolc!"

Okay, sometimes it's skin too.

If you want more Zatanna (and who doesn't?) swing over to The Other Side where Tim does a weekly Zatanna Saturday!


  1. I think i just felt some magic in my wand looking at that last picture...woof!

  2. Whoa! For a second there I thought I was reading one of my own posts!
    Awesome. I haven't done Serinda Swan yet, but now I am thinking I need too!

    Thanks for the shout out. I have a great Cosplayer featured tomorrow.

  3. Never watched Smallville.....may have to rethink that....

  4. Serinda Swan... woman of my life!
    I always tell Isaac that Swan's character in TRON LEGACY is my girlfriend!

    He always goes: "No she is NOT!"
    And I tell him: "When I enter the grid she is"

    AhHAHAhHAhHA!!! First time he wasn't sure if i was telling the truth or no!!!

  5. Sexy is attitude and swagger I love this sentence very much.She's really magic