Playmobil Warrior Nun and Battle Angel

Playmobil's blind bagged 'Fi?ures' series ship to my area incredibly inconsistently. It can be frustrating when there is one specific figure I want for a custom, but can never find because the shelves are either bare or full of a different wave, or the wave I need has been skipped over entirely by the lone location I can find them nowadays.

But sometimes that lack of exactly what I want leads to innovation. Case in point, this Playmobil custom I cobbled together inspired by that incredibly ridiculous nineties comic creation: Warrior Nun Areala.

One of the figures in the Playmobil Fi?ures Series 7 blind bags is a Nun. I don't care if you are a religious person or not: you've got to hand it to Playmobil for making a Nun! Including a Nun in their blind bagged series is the perfect blending of 'ok, that makes sense' and 'wtf!' that Playmobil is famous for. I promise you LEGO will never make a Nun minifigure!

Regardless, I didn't really need a Nun, but I figured since it had been so long since I had copped a feel on the Playmobil blind bags that I might as well see if I can find one. Because: Nun. If nothing else I could stick a geisha head on her to make Sister Mary Harley of the Eternal Order of Chaos or something.

Then I got her home and it dawned on me: Warrior Nun! I have plenty of Knight components in my Playmobil bag, so a Warrior Nun is a unique and easy custom to cobble together. I added some armored Knight legs, a couple wrist guards reminiscent of Areala's leather and metal gloves, a sword, a belt/scabbard, and a chainmail headpiece. Then I gave her a sweet sword and a mean shield (which still needs a cross decal or painted on or something.)

THEN I remembered the Playmobil Angel from Series 4 that I picked up a few months back. Every good Knight needs a Squire, right?

Battle Angel! I just gave the Angel figure a helmet, a different hairpiece (she's a ginger now, so she's probably an angel of Nordic lineage. Also if she's a ginger and an angel perhaps gingers do have souls after all, but don't take my word for it. I'm no theologian.), a wooden shield and a brutal battle axe.

"We came to kick ass and sing hymnals, and we're all out of hymnals."
Although there are still many Playmobil figures I am searching for (and may never find due to the poor local distribution) I am very glad I decided to hunt down the Nun figure. Warrior Nun is one of my proudest Playmobil customs thus far. The concept is so utterly ridiculous, and the dichotomy of the concept in Playmobil form just makes me smile!

Oh yeah, and Battle Angel is cool too!


  1. Man, that custom is spot on. It's been a long time since I've seen a mention of Warrior Nun Areala.

    That Battle Angel is pretty cool too. I think it would be a little unnerving to have a swarm of those happy little cherubs swarming down on me, with those cute little smiles..

    1. I don't think anyone mentions Warrior Nun Areala anymore.

  2. That is really cool. In all honesty, until I read the text I wasn't sure if this was a custom or a legit Playmobil release. They are crazy in a wonderful way!

    1. Series 8 does have a female Gladiator, so an official Warrior Nun isn't too crazy an idea I suppose!

  3. That Warrior Nun is fantastic !! Playmobil is awesome to begin with but that takes the cake !!!