Old Shred-Head

My original TMNT collection has come together slowly piece by piece over the years, to the point now where there are very few figures left that I think I need. One I needed but resisted picking up second-hand for a long time is The Shredder! I resisted because he is usually missing his robe, and a nude Shredder is a sad sight indeed.

But fortunately a fully clothed Shredder was recently sent to me by Chris of Stunt Zombies!

I've always postulated that Shredder was designed in such a squatty pose because they needed to package him at the size of the turtles but wanted to make him 'taller,' so technically he's taller than them but squatting down more. To have designed the toy as tall as Shredder would be standing up, he wouldn't have fit on the cardback as designed. Anyways, that's my theory as to why Shredder is all squatted and hunched over like an old man with the trots.

Regardless, I'm glad to finally have the main villain of the TMNT universe in original action figure form! Thanks Chris!


  1. The need for him to be the same size as the Turtles never occurred to me. Now that just makes perfect sense.

    It's a shame they never made a Super Shredder to scale. I'm pretty sure he would have been as tall as Krang's android body, as well as all kinds of awesome.

  2. At least it's easier to pose him on vehicles this way.

  3. Excellent Eric! Glad you finally got this one.