More Brave and the Bold style action figures...for 2013?!?!

What the...?

This small image was just brought to my attention by a twitter friend. It's of a Target exclusive seven figure set of the Justice League called simply "Batman Legacy Justice League Figures"

This seven pack of figures appears to all be in the long ago canceled Brave and the Bold action figure style but includes a never before seen Cyborg, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, a beardless Aquaman and omg - WONDER WOMAN (in a line that Mattel stated emphatically would not include any female characters).

This news really came out of left field! The set is unavailable online as of writing this post but will retail for $49.99, so I probably won't own it until it hits clearance (which it probably will.) I will also have to see it in person to make a final judgement.

BUT WAIT - THERE'S MORE! Apparently Target has Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern figures available as singles, and while these are clearly the Brave and the Bold style figures, you can see the much maligned hex holes are no longer a part of the figures' sculpts (a change I said would happen way back in my first B and the B toy review in 2009 - but even I never expected it to be so late in coming!)

(pic borrowed from eBay. Don't be stupid enough to buy them there now. They'll be plentiful and cheaper soon, I promise.)

Depending on the price of these, I'll probably get that Batman. Sadly it appears Wonder Woman is not part of a single figure release, and if past Target multi-pack exclusives are any indication, I doubt she ever will be.

Has anyone seen these at retail yet?


  1. Ok I think I will be buying the 7 figure set when it comes out and then goes on clearance!

  2. Replies
    1. If it means you'll run out and buy me this set, then yes. ;)

  3. I saw the single figures today as a matter of fact. I was really excited because I was hoping for a single carded WW, so I can't believe they wont be making one. However the mult-pack I guess will be good enough. I mean I feel like the world has enough Batman and Superman figures, at some point Wonder Woman will have her time. Right? I'll start holding my breath... now.

    1. Well I'm not positive there won't be another way to get WW besides in the 7-pack, but I am usually right about these things. Toy collecting history oft repeats itself.

    2. Yeah I'm sure the WW will only be in the multi-pack. That's ok. I mean this option of collecting WW is better than no WW at all! : )

    3. I just don't see WW being a pegwarmer at the single carded level, but I agree, better this than no option at all!

  4. NooOoOOo!! We don't have any Targets in here and we want these!!!!!

  5. I saw these at my Target for $7.99. According to the back of the card, there's a power armor Lex too, but I didn't see one on the pegs.