Another Batman! You were expecting maybe Humphrey Bogart?

Batman: The Brave and The Bold is quickly becoming one of my favorite television shows, and is undoubtedly my favorite weekly cartoon now airing.

The style, reminiscent of the comic art of the fifties (specifically the work of Dick Sprang,) and the fun, over-the-top story-lines combined with gobs of supporting characters and villains makes this show a real blast to watch.

The toys are just now starting to show up at places like Target and Walmart, and they are very accurate representations of the cartoon's design. Being the Bat-Nut that I am, I had to have Batman!

This Batman is just beautiful. The face/head sculpt is perfect, and the overall design looks just like the cartoon as well as the Golden Age comics. But there is one thing that will turn off a lot of toy collectors (but may not matter to kids...)

Each figure has these holes on their arms, legs and back to attach their accessories to. Let's face it, the holes are pretty ugly, but I understand what they're trying to do. I also know that there's a very high likelihood that future waves will move away from this gimmick.

Which is why I will probably not get more than Batman from this first release. The other figures are equally nice, (I was especially tempted by the Aquaman figure,) but I got this figure for my Batman display and I don't see myself shooting for a Brave and the Bold collection just yet.

If those holes were missing I might reconsider. But in case they stick with them, I at least needed the Batman!

Then again, he does have a cloth cape. You know how much I prefer cloth capes!

Of course, all that is just personal preference and not a specific disappointment. If I really wanted a Brave and the Bold collection or display, I wouldn't let silly arm holes stop me.

However there is one disappointing aspect of this specific figure, which is officially titled "Battle Slam Batman."

His accessory, which at first glance looks like it should have a spring feature to ram baddies with, is just a solid single piece of plastic.

It does have a nice Bat-face, and of course it fits in those silly holes, but I was surprised that it didn't "operate" in any way. Especially since the figure is called "Battle Slam Batman," and not "Door Buster Downer Batman" or "I Speak Softly, But I Carry A Big Stick Batman."

Now I just need for Mattel to make a Brave and the Bold Batmobile for this Batman to drive around in. That thing is pretty slick!

UPDATE: I just heard on the radio this morning that today (Jan. 14th) is the anniversary of Bogie's death, who died Jan. 14th 1957. I had no idea, but found that interesting considering how I titled this blog entry.

Here's lookin' at you, kid.


  1. You are right, the holes at the arms and legs are a big turn off! Can't they do a C-clip design for the accessories?

  2. I think they're just trying to be "different." Clip-on accessories make much more sense!

  3. of course, i dig the colors...it's good to see the best bat colors light blue and grey. The holes are super weird. big turn off for me. personally, i like the show but it tends to get even wackier than I like my batman to get. Believe it or not, I thought the Wildcat episode was the best one yet! It was an odd to choice to put him in the show, but damn...I was really into the episode. I also liked the last one with Grn. Arrow. I wish they wouldn't go crazy with the gadgets and the silly stuff...stick to old fashioned detective work, and batcomputing. Get in the batcave!

  4. Yeah I think the holes are going to turn a lot of people off.

    And yes, the last Wildcat episode was amazing! R. Lee Ermy's voice casting as Wildcat was inspired!

  5. I agree about the holes, but overall it's a great toy!

  6. I agree, Spök-spök - the character design is top notch and surpasses any flaws!

  7. Yes, the holes are odd, but they won't stop me from picking up this figure. It is a must for my Bat-collection.

    Thanks for posting this, Woodchuck!

  8. I'm really loving the toys they're making for this series so far but we will all need to get 2nd, maybe 3rd, jobs to afford everything. I've been hearing from news sources that soon they are gonna go totally crazy with the marketing for this show. But hey, that's cool!

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  9. lol - I can see the headlines now:

    "Job prospects dim as Toy Nerds steal jobs from teens and the elderly - vow to sign paychecks right back over to Walmart."

  10. I hear you on cloth capes. How is my Batman supposed to sit in a Batmobile if his cape is made of thick plastic?