I See a Red Tornado and I Want It Painted Black Manta

I've owned both the Brave and the Bold Red Tornado and Black Manta for years, and although I've already posted about Black Manta, I have never posted about Red Tornado until now.

I believe Red Tornado came to my via Jboy of Revenge From the Cosmic Ark fame. He sent him along with a ton of other goodies years ago, and I just never got around to making a post about him. Thanks Jboy!

I found Black Manta at the flea market years ago. He's one of the nicest B and the B figures because there's absolutely zero parts re-use. His toy design is exactly like his toon design, and a neat design it is.

Every piece is unique to Black Manta on this action figure, or at least they all started that way. Not sure if they later re-used any of these pieces for other figures.

Both of these figures were boxed up for a couple years, and each suffered from that weird dusting that Mattel plastic often gets. I tried to wipe as much of it off as I could, but sometimes it's tough to get in the little detail areas. Anyways, back to old Reddy:

Red Tornado is a good action figure, but his characterization on the Brave and the Bold cartoon was never really my favorite. He's not a figure I would have searched out on my own when the line was new, which is why I am glad he was given to me. I felt the same way about the Atom at the time, and sort of wish I had him now. So I am sure I would regret not having Red Tornado if I didn't own him today. Funny how that goes, isn't it?

His weapon of course attaches to all those hex holes he and his B and the B pals have. It can be spun like a top or flung like a disc, so it's cool and character relevant. Of course I do like his cloth cape too. Cloth capes rule!

RT does have a neat and colorful aesthetic, and that face is very robotic and emotionless.

Like Colin over at Super Duper Toy Box, I have been feeling nostalgic for The Brave and the Bold recently. I'm glad I picked up many of the best when they were new, and have been lucky enough to find a few more with relative ease on the secondary market. I even picked up another half season of the show on DVD and am remembering just how awesome the cartoon was. I sure do wish it had been more successful and had lasted longer, not to mention wishing that it had spawned more unique characters in the toyline! Every time a new or different character pops on screen I think 'He/She would make a GREAT action figure!'

Alas, it was not meant to be.


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    1. I hate that they split the seasons into 2 dvd releases. I only have two halves of two separate seasons at this point!

  2. I forgot I sent Reddy over to you Eric but am glad to see he is out and enjoy his stay with you. : )

  3. Best blog post title of the month!

  4. Never seen this one before!
    We need it!!!