Come on get involved until the Mystery Micro-Figures is solved!

Character Building have now released their Scooby Doo Micro-Figures in the US!

Sadly, the only way to get Scooby or Fred or Shaggy thus far is to buy the larger building sets (like a Mystery Machine and a haunted castle.)

Conversely the only way to get Daphne and Velma is in the blind bagged Mystery Micro-Figures Series 1 set.

It is my experience with 'Character Building' is that there is no code or other packaging hint as to what you are getting inside. These things are true mysteries!

Fortunately my 'squeeze method' skills are finely toned, and I was able to find my favorite gal, Velma!

What can I say, I dig a chick in glasses!

Velma translates pretty well into mini figure form. I gave her the magnifying glass that came with the Lego Sherlock Holmes and it really finishes her off nicely.

One mystery has already been solved with this minifigure...she's not wearing anything under that skirt! Sorry, no pictures, even I have standards.

I picked up two figures when I found these at Toys R Us for $1.99 each (Cheap!) The other figure I got is The Wolfman!

The Wolfman is pretty cool for a werewolf (which are always cool!) so I am glad I got him. Unfortunately I was squeezing for the Ghost Clown! My squeeze method skills aren't as finely honed as I thought they were after all.

Now let's solve the final mystery and remove that mask to see who The Wolfman really is...



  1. Not collecting the mini-figures anymore but these are tempting just for the Monsters.

  2. I'm glad to see your squeeze method is still up to snuff. Even though you ruined the ending for me, I knew one of the mystery gang would flip one day. Either you die a hero or you live to see yourself become the villain.

  3. Character Building has a line called Monsters vs Zombies that I pray to the Gods of Plastic to bring to the US. The reuse the wolfman & Lagoon Creature figs there too.


    1. I thought that was the case, but hadn't looked it up to confirm - looks like Dracula and Frankenstein are also from the Monsters Vs. Zombies sets as well.

  4. Wow! I'm going to show this to Isaac tonight, he's gonna freak!!!

  5. What store(s) carry these minifigs?